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  • CZ SS6 - No retirements for a change - 30/08/2014 14:32:00 : Though Kresta dropped out of results now. Strong time by Kostka too. Results after SS6:
    1st= Pech/Uhel, BMW Mini, 52m05s1;
    2nd= Tarabus/Trunkat, Skoda, +11s8;
    3rd= Wiegand/Christian, Skoda, +18s8;
    4th= Kostka/Houst, Ford, +25s8;
    5th= Odlozilik/Turecek, Ford, +54s8;
    6th= Kajetanowicz/Baran, Ford, +56s9;
    7th= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +57s;
    8th= Orsak/Smeidler, Skoda, +1m17s5;
    9th= Valousek/Slehoferova, Skoda, +1m32s7;
    =10th= Magalhaes/Magalhaes, Peugeot(T16), +1m45s5 Read more soon.
  • CZ SS5 - More top driver dramas - 30/08/2014 13:47:00 : Now new leader Kresta has a broken manifold and is unlikely to continue as this could be a risk of fire. Breen & Barrable didn't start the stage following SS4 offs. Well, if the top6 all retire, Wiegand has good chances on another podium... Results after SS5:
    1st= Pech/Uhel, BMW Mini, 42m;
    2nd= Kresta/Stary, Skoda, +3s6;
    3rd= Tarabus/Trunkat, Skoda, +14s6;
    4th= Wiegand/Christian, Skoda, +16s1;
    5th= Kostka/Houst, Ford, +24s8;
    6th= Odlozilik/Turecek, Ford, +52s1;
    7th= Kajetanowicz/Baran, Ford, +52s6;
    8th= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +53s3;
    9th= Orsak/Smeidler, Skoda, +1m14s3;
    =10th= Valousek/Slehoferova, Skoda, +1m23s7 Read more soon.
  • CZ SS4 - Top3 cars in dramas! - 30/08/2014 12:46:00 : We often had dramatic stages in IRC & ERC, but did we evr have this? Leader Abbring out with a blown engine. 2nd Lappi out after a crash. 3rd Breen drops 30sec being off road. Results after SS4:
    1st= Kresta/Stary, Skoda, 35m22s8;
    2nd= Pech/Uhel, BMW Mini, +3s8;
    3rd= Kostka/Houst, Ford, +8s6;
    4th= Wiegand/Christian, Skoda, +9s2;
    5th= Tarabus/Trunkat, Skoda, +11s7;
    6th= Breen/Marshall, Peugeot(T16), +21s9;
    7th= Orsak/Smeidler, Skoda, +31s9;
    8th= Odlozilik/Turecek, Ford, +37s6;
    9th= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +39s4;
    =10th= Kajetanowicz/Baran, Ford, +43s3 Read more soon.
  • CZ SS3 - Kresta fast too - 30/08/2014 09:44:00 : Kresta 2nd fastest. Tänak had a spin early in the stage and Barrable has a broken driveshaft after he handbraked round a hairpin. Results after SS3:
    1st= Abbring/Marshall, Peugeot(T16), 22m09s;
    2nd= Lappi/Ferm, Skoda, +10s5;
    3rd= Breen/Martin, Peugeot(T16), +11s8;
    4th= Kresta/Stary, Skoda, +15s8;
    5th= Kostka/Houst, Ford, +15s9;
    =6th= Wiegand/Christian, Skoda, +19s1;
    =6th= Pech/Uhel, BMW Mini, +19s1;
    8th= Tarabus/Trunkat, Skoda, +20s7;
    9th= Consani/Vilmot, Peugeot, +27s9;
    =10th= Orsak/Smeidler, Skoda, +29s7 Read more soon.

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