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  • Championship situation - 28/08/2016 14:28:00 : Lukyanuk's drama means Kajto needs just 2 points in the next round for the title. Read more soon.
  • CZ SS15 - end and Lukyanuk crash - 28/08/2016 14:16:00 : Unbelievable, Lukyanuk delivers is traditional last stage crash. Kopecky wins. Habaj crash too. 2nd place may still be open for Cerny was held up by Kreim. Final results (after SS15)(subject to last road section and scrutineering):
    1st= Kopecky/Dresler, Skoda, 2h07m34s79;
    2nd= Kostka/Kucera, Skoda, +2m34s;
    3rd= Cerny/Cernohorsky, Skoda, +2m41s9;
    4th= Valousek/Havelkova, Skoda, +3m47s7;
    5th= Kreim/Christian, Skoda, +5m16s1;
    6th= Vlcek/Zakova, Ford, +5m17s7;
    7th= Cherain/Cuvelier, Ford, +5m40s4;
    8th= Staif/Rajnoha, Skoda, +5m43s3;
    9th= Jakes/Ehlova, Skoda, +6m00s5;
    10th= Odlozilik/Turecek, Ford, +7m02s Read more soon.
  • CZ SS14 - 28/08/2016 13:39:00 : With on stage to go there is still drama. Lukyanuk takes time out of Kopecky again. Kreim has a puncture and holds up Cerny for 10km. As a result Cerny loses 3rd place and the final results may go to the stewards. Cherain passes Jakes. Results after SS14:
    1st= Kopecky/Dresler, Skoda, 2h00m19s9;
    2nd= Lukyanuk/Arnautov, Ford, +4s6;
    3rd= Kostka/Kucera, Skoda, +2m32s4;
    4th= Cerny/Cernohorsky, Skoda, +2m38s;
    5th= Valousek/Havelkova, Skoda, +3m40s6;
    6th= Kreim/Christian, Skoda, +4m58s3;
    7th= Vlcek/Zakova, Ford, +5m04s6;
    8th= Staif/Rajnoha, Skoda, +5m30s7;
    9th= Cherain/Cuvelier, Ford, +5m31s4;
    10th= Jakes/Ehlova, Skoda, +5m42s5 Read more soon.
  • CZ SS13 - Drama, nobody wants 3rd! - 28/08/2016 12:52:00 : Nobody wants 3rd! Kostka lost 3rd on the previous stage with diff problems. Now Bouffier lost 3rd when he did not start SS13 with an engine problem. New 3rd Tarabus then crashes (crew OK) in SS13! Results after SS13:
    1st= Kopecky/Dresler, Skoda, 1h50m38s3;
    2nd= Lukyanuk/Arnautov, Ford, +8s9;
    3rd= Cerny/Cernohorsky, Skoda, +2m29s8;
    4th= Kostka/Kucera, Skoda, +2m33s4;
    5th= Kreim/Christian, Skoda, +2m51s2;
    6th= Valousek/Havelkova, Skoda, +3m32s5;
    7th= Vlcek/Zakova, Ford, +4m39s6;
    8th= Staif/Rajnoha, Skoda, +5m07s4;
    9th= Jakes/Ehlova, Skoda, +5m09s4;
    10th= Cherain/Cuvelier, Ford, +5m13s9 Read more soon.

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