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The information and people behind RallyeInfo Ltd have been actively involved in Internet coverage of rallying since early 1998, some of us have been around rallying for a lot longer.

However, the point of our Internet presence is that we are essentially dedicated rally fans who have turned a passion into a hobby - not overnight, and nor are we all rally experts. Rallying is a sport of passion often too commercialised at the highest level, we have tried to build a place where the grass-roots passion for the sport can be shared.

This site was born in 2001 (established as WRC-Online Ltd [www.wrc-online.net]) upon combining the separate efforts of four of our team who ran personal fan sites for different World Rally teams. It was decided to keep the idea of sub-sites for each of the major World Rally teams, and our aim is still to give fans of each major World Rally team a place to go to find information on - and share opinions with fellow fans of - their favourite team. WRC-Online Ltd was founded in 2001 by Ron Salter (Skoda sub-site), Ben Mulkern (Ford sub-site), Adrian Kirk-Burnnand (Subaru sub-site) and Andrew Dunwoody (Peugeot sub-site).

On the left-hand-side of this page click on each image to see how we have grown since 2001.

Our RallyeNewsletter service provides updates before, after and on each day of WRC events. We have been providing this since 2002, however, the newsletter itself has been run since 1995. Titled the 'FIA World Rally Championship Newsletter' it is widely known as the original and largest rally mailing list to those who have followed the sport on the Internet for longer. For more information click here.

Operating as RallyeInfo Ltd [Rallye-Info.com] (from 2004) we're aiming to provide the rally and general community with up-to-date news and media coverage of top-level rallying and act as a resource for historical statistics. The site is still run in our spare time, barely pays for itself, but between our regular jobs you'll find us on the forums and doing our best to keep information up-to-date.

So welcome to the Rallye-Info.com community, we look forward to your continued support.

RallyeInfo Ltd publishes unofficial rallye information, is independently operated and is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with the World Rally Championship, its owners, rights holders, regulators, sponsors, teams, events or any other company and does not endorse any other company. Please read our full Disclaimer page for further information.

The official site of the FIA World Rally Championship can be found at www.wrc.com.

The official site of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge can be found at www.ircseries.com.

Feel free to get in contact with us, visit our Contact Us page.