Ypres without ERC: 30% more competitors

Ypres without ERC: 30% more competitorsFrom Rally Ypres [ 19/06/2017 ].
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One year after having opted to get out of the European Rally Championship, it may be said that SuperStage made the right choice. A quick look at the entry list proves that the Ypres Rally is in full sail. The arrival of the British Championship, for the first time in its 59-years existence active outside of Great Britain, has ensured that the number of entrants has increased by 30%! On top of that the Ypres Rally has broken all records with no less than 35 R5 machines at the start. However, 129 registered teams will be battling it out at Ypres in the various championships. An overview.

TER = Tour European Rally

This competition, with free registration, is approved by the FIA. The Ypres Rally is the second round on the calendar, after the Rally Transylvania in Rumania, where Giandomenico Basso was the fastest in front of Bogdan Mariska and Bernd Casier. In TER2 victory went to the Dane Simon Vallentin Hansen.

The remaining rounds on the calendar are the rallies of Madeira, Liezen, Valais and Tuscany. The winners of the TER and the TER2 Cup will be rewarded with a fabulous prize: a competition, with all costs covered, with a Hyundai i20 R5! Those wanting to score points for the TER must be registered.

Benelux ERT = Benelux European Rally Trophy

For the first time this year the Ypres Rally counts towards the Benelux European Rally Trophy, A Championship, with further two Dutch rallies (Zuiderzee Rally and the GTC Rally), a German (Rallye Sulingen) and a Danish competition (Rally Denmark) on the calendar. For this competition the competitors must also be registered.

After two rounds Hermen Kobus holds the lead and the Dutch Skoda driver has a good chance of claiming the final victory, because Kobus will be at the start in Ypres and he is also competing on home ground in the GTC Rally. In ERT2 Van den Heuvel, also active in Ypres in the TER, holds the lead, ahead of teammate Henk Bakkenes.

Belgian + British Rally Championship

Naturally the Ypres Rally is the 6th round of the Belgian Rally Championship (every driver holding a Belgian licence is in line for points), but this classic in West Flanders also for the first time counts towards the Prestone British Rally Championship, presently headed up by the... Swede Fredrik Ahlin. In Ypres the British contingent will be on hand with some 30 top cars, with as a small dessert 5 Land Rovers from the British Army who will be putting on a demonstration after the 'modern' machines..