2017 Kenotek Ypres Rally: The Stages

2017 Kenotek Ypres Rally: The StagesFrom Chris Biewer [ 20/06/2017 ].
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Regarding cars permitted to enter, the Kenotek Ypres Rally is accessible to the widest possible spectrum of machines. Both for the FIA Benelux Rally Trophy and the Tour European Rally the FIA European regulations apply, but in addition to the known FIA classes national homologated cars are more than welcome. As such cars which are homologated in Belgium in the NCM (Modified), NCE (Expired) and especially Belgian GT classes. An early registration is the order of the day, because with the arrival of the British Championship it promises to be a full-house.

Superstage is offering a compact programme for the competitors, who as from 14.00hrs on the Wednesday will kick-off with the reconnaissance. This continues throughout the entire Thursday, after which on Friday morning a few stages (Dikkebus and Wijtschate) can still be recced.

Renewed course offers everyone equal chances

The programme counts 20 special stages, amounting to 259 km against the clock out of a total distance of 552 km, or 46,9% based on speed. The competition starts on Friday afternoon at 16.15hrs from the podium in Ypres. The first stage is a true historic: Zonnebeke, a challenging stage that opens the event on special request of the Ypres authorities. It is 9,90 km and is only to be covered once as a special opening. Zonnebeke in this form was last run in the 1990s!

This is followed by Langemark (shortened to 8,97 km), Dikkebus (12,53 km), Wijtschate (15 km, for 90% in the opposite direction) and Hollebeke (shortened to 8,57 km). Following servicing in Ypres the competitors once again take on the stages of Dikkebus, Wijtschate and Hollebeke. In total the first day amounts to 91 km against the clock.

On Saturday 24th June a further 12 special stages are on the menu, amounting to 168 km, and split over 6 different stages that need to be covered twice. The Kemmelberg stage (15 km) has been altered, whilst in Mesen an entirely new SS of 7,95 km has been devised, with a spectacular run in a figure of 8 on the Markt, immediately after the start. The Zillebeke stage (14,39 km) is the second portion of the former Hollebeke stage, but with a new section. Following the servicing on the Grote Markt in Ypres, competitors will tackle the known Reninge stage (14,50 km), followed by the new stage of Watou (14,77 km) and the notorious Westouter-Boeschepe (17,53 km) stage, with which the Kenotek Ypres Rally will once again finish on French soil.

In a nutshell the Kenotek Ypres Rally 2017 once again offers up a challenging programme at an international level on the 23rd and 24th June!