New event added to Ypres Rally 2018

New event added to Ypres Rally 2018From Rally Ypres [ 01/07/2017 ].
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A week after the Ypres Rally, once again the highlight of rally sport in Belgium, especially those inspired by regularity rallies for historic vehicles who will be delighted with a great new event in 2018! And yet there is a link between both, because it will be Club SuperStage that will be bringing out their own regularity rally. Just as the Monte-Carlo Rally has a Historic variant, the organisers of the Ypres Rally will be organising a separate regularity.

Looking at the ingredients it promises to be a top event: a three-day competition with the Ypres Grote Markt acting as start and finish location on each competition day, a closed car parc area behind the Lakenhallen, 30 'open road' regularity tests with electronic timing, a night section, 2 'special stages' on closed roads,... Back to the historic basis of the Ypres Rally and a supplement to the regulatory rally's international calendar in addition to the Monte Carlo Historique, Portugal Historico, Costa Brava Historic,... that everyone wants to boast about on their record of achievements!

Bjorn & Jens Vanoverschelde, experienced regularity navigators, will be handling the organisation's sporting section: "We are delighted and proud to be able to collaborate with Club SuperStage. With this Ypres Rally Regularity competition our intention is to slot ourselves between the international events and we will follow and focus on the concept of similar events. A true historic motorsport competition with numerous competitive kilometres, a night section, a flying service along the way and some 30 successive special stages. Stages that will in fact be held as 'open road' regularity tests based on a 100% Tulip Rally style roadbook which will remain secret up until half an hour prior to the start. A sporting pace on a highly selective Ypres course where the driver and navigator need to remain extremely attentive throughout. In essence this is part and parcel of the sporting side. In combination with the competition centre's unique atmosphere in the historical part of Ypres, 2 'special stages' on closed roads and with Club SuperStage's professional organisational approach, we are looking forward to producing the first edition."

Those preferring to ignore the sporting side can partake in the Targa Florio Grand Prix, a one-day oldtimer run with a basic roadbook, guiding them along some of the most striking locations of Ypres' rally history. In an interactive manner they will discover the history behind the bends and curves, ditches and some of the locations whilst being involved in the atmosphere of the Ypres Rally Regularity including a passage over the podium on the Grote Markt of Ypres.