Giandomenico Basso in San Remo

Giandomenico Basso in San RemoFrom Rallye San Remo [ 09/10/2012 ].
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The 2012 edition of Rallye Sanremo will be face by its protagonists with different emotions, ambitions and strategies. Some have to close the championship here, some have to keep a rival back in order to maintain the leadership in a trophy, some want to make a good impression in order to improve an unlucky season. Giandomenico Basso, and his co-driver Mitia Dotta, have just one objective: win. The driver from Veneto, actually, is not in the lists for the IRC, not the Italian Championship, but he wants to recover a season that hasn’t been that good so far. He arrives in Sanremo to win for himself, for his co-driver, for the A-Style Team, for Ford and for Pirelli.

“This year I haven’t run much, but I’m satisfied with our performances” meaning he’s happy for the crew, the team and the tyres. As a matter of fact with the new Ford Fiesta RRC (a Regional Rally Car with a 1600 cm3 turbo engine competing with the S2000 cars) obtained two good wins, at Mille Miglia on tarmac, where he finished over a minute ahead of the second overall (winning 8 out of the 15 SS) and at San Marino, where he won by just 2”8 over his rival. Then there were a third place at Targa Florio (only 2”5 behind the winner), suffering during the first leg, before attacking in the second leg winning the Collesano SS, reach the two Škoda drivers, before the rally would have tragically stopped. Then there is the episode of Corse, only retirement of the season, due to an accident with a local driver in a transfer section while second overall, just 8 tenth form the leader.

“Looking back to these results I have to say I’m happy. The car is really a good surprise, even if at the beginning it was a little difficult to find the right feeling in driving a turbo charged car with a lot of low coupling. The most interesting surprise has been the chassis, absolutely fantastic on the San Marino gravel roads. In this package we have to mention Pirelli, that gave us great tyres”. Basso doesn’t say it, but the only regret is that he has been racing much. “The Fiesta is a significant improvement compared to the previous ones and prove to be successful against the other very competitive cars”. After this flash back Giandomenico Basso talks about the upcoming Sanremo, looking forward to beat the start of Coldirodi, the first SS. “Me and maybe Hänninen are the only ones that start the Rallye Sanremo with jus one objective: win. While Kopecký, Andreucci and Scandola have to draw up the counts with the Championship results, I only have to chase the best possible overall result”. Rallye Sanremo gave some satisfaction to Basso. In 2007 he was second overall and winning also the Italian Championship. The next year he won with the Grande Punto Abarth. “I can’t say which one of the SS I like most, all of them are very technical and demanding on drivers. The Organizers are courageous to provide a stage like the long Ronde.

One have to put lot of energy to prepare the check of the roads and the safety. The structure of the formula is really good. A first pass over the three stages separately with day light, in order for drivers to familiarize with the route, then thesecond pass at night with the 3 stages connected together. Really nice”. Despite the fact that Basso likes the Ronde stage, last year he wasn’t very lucky there. “I’ve watched over and over again the on board camera registration where I crashed. At a certain point I didn’t hear Mitia’s voice in the intercom anymore and I crashed on a wall. With day light I would have had a margin to try to avoid it, but at night…”

Giandomenico Basso is an institution in Italian rallying and the only one keeping high the Italian flag in European competitions. “It’s difficult nowadays to give advices. In the past drivers wanting to become professionals had to race in some minor trophies and then pass into official cars. Personally since I do not have the money to get a top car I remained faithful to the Fiat trophies since the opportunity arise to get an official car. Nowadays the way to professionalism is very tough. There are few official cars and very little money. CSAI should help and also Italian companies, in particular it’ll be nice if Abarth and Fiat will come back to rallying and help young promising drivers. It could be nice to have Champions of the past being tutors of young drivers and maybe help them avoiding mistakes. In the future I’d love to do something like this”. Says Giandomenico Basso, but his major commitment right now is concentrating in winning 54th Rallye Sanremo.

Giandomenico Basso was born in Montebelluna (Treviso) on 15 September 1973, but was grown up and sill lives at Cavaso del Tomba. He made his debut in 1995 in the Cinquecento Trophy and took part for the first time in a WRC event at 1998 Rallye Sanremo as a prize for the good season disputed in the Cinquecento Trophy. In his Palmarés there are the wins of two titles in the European Rally Championship (2006 and 2009), one Intercontinental Rally Challenge title (2006) and one Italian rally Championshiptitle, all of them in Grande Punto Abarth.

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