Qualifying to signal start of Latvia

Qualifying to signal start of LatviaFrom ERC Media [ 01/02/2013 ].
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Qualifying comes to the FIA European Rally Championship in Latvia this week when Rally Liepāja-Ventspils hosts the first Qualifying Stage of the 2013 season.

All five loose-surface events on the ERC calendar will feature a Qualifying Stage to determine the starting order of the nominated priority drivers for the first leg of the rally.

Following a period of Free Practice on the morning of Friday 1 February, 12 priority crews get one run over a 5.89-kilometre course to set their best time. At 13:00hrs local time during the pre-event press conference, the quickest driver in qualifying will select their starting position for later in the day first with the second fastest driver next to choose and so on until all drivers have made their selection. Non-priority drivers will start leg one in seeded order.