After Wallonie, how amazing is Ypres?

After Wallonie, how amazing is Ypres?From Chris Biewer [ 06/05/2015 ].
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Find a story just now how stunning the Belgian Rallye de Wallonie was last weekend. There were a few surprise entries and a lot of action with the top4 virtually turning upside down and back to front on the final two stages. In June this Wallonie entry field will not only mix with the ERC stars but also with the RGT World Cup and the RGT category is bound to serve us even more surprises in Belgium. So what could all that mean for the Kenotek Ypres Rally?

Freddy Loix will once more drive his Fabia S2000 in the Sezoens Rally. However he should get a brand new Skoda Fabia R5 in time for the ERC scoring Kenotek Ypres Rally.

Ironically, as often as the lead changed in the Rallye de Wallonie, eventual winner Cedric Cherain never led at a single point during the entire rally!

Congrats to Cedric Cherain on winning this event. He surprised a lot of people by coming 2nd overall on the ERC Ypres Rally 2014 in a Ford Fiesta R5. This year he will take his Citroen DS3 R5 to Ypres.

If we tipped before that Kris Princen in the 208 T16 might give Loix a run for his money come the 2015 edition of Ypres, this weekend Cherain has proved that he is getting up to this same kind of speed. There were a lot of surprises and incidents on the Rallye de Wallonie, but the split second fight between Cherain and Loix lasted nearly the whole event!

Stéphane Lefebvre's guest start in the Citroen DS3 R5 may only have lasted a few stages, but he was right on pace and he will be in the Kenotek Ypres Rally in an official Peugeot 208 T16!

And if you like the idea of Snijers, van Parijs, van de Wauwer in RGT Porsches, the Kenotek Ypres Rally on 25th to 27th of June will be round 2 of the newly formed RGT World Cup and the Berlgian Porsche drivers are bound to be joined by Francois Delecour in the Tuthill Porsche!

And although not confirmed yet, in Ypres the RGT World Cup will for the first time not only be about Porsches. Amongst the cars rumoured to join the RGT fun in Ypres are a Nissan 370Z, an Aston Martin Vantage and apparently even some form of Lamborghini!