ERC Junior runner up a team work deal?

ERC Junior runner up a team work deal?From ERC Media [ 27/08/2015 ].
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Five drivers will be fighting to become ERC Junior vice-champion at the Barum Czech Rally Zlín as the 2015 series draws to an exciting climax. Ralfs Sirmacis is currently second in the Michelin-supported series, although the Sport Racing Technologies Peugeot 208 R2 driver is only eight-points ahead of third-placed Steve Røkland.

Just four points cover Røkland (208), fourth-placed Chris Ingram (Peugeot UK) and fifth-placed Marijan Griebel (ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Team Adam R2). However, all four could be leapfrogged by Portuguese Peugeot Rally Academy driver Diogo Gago, who could still catapult himself from sixth to second in the ERC Junior standings. He might have already clinched the ERC Junior title, but that hasn't made Emil Bergkvist any less determined. He heads to Zlín in his ADAC Opel Rallye Junior Adam R2 looking for another win and has warned his rivals that he's not there for a joyride!

Note by Rallye-info: Strictly personal note, but it could well be that Bergkvist helps his team mate.

I know team orders are unloved, but this could be one case to explain team orders can well make sense. That said, I doubt even Opel does team orders, but knowing Emil as well as Marijan, they are team mates and they live being team mates.

I personally think the main question for runners up would be between Chris Ingram and Marijan Griebel. Latter has been very unlucky with last stage results losses in Acores and Ypres. At the same time Chris Ingram has shown blinding speed! He really must be up with Emil Bergkvist for speed.

That all said, we can't rule out the other boys, as mentioned in the ERC story!

So apologies to Sirmacis, Rokland and Gago for not counting them in. Especially Gago had quite some bad luck too. So strictly personal opinion, but I think the final crown behind Bergkvist should be Griebel or Ingram.

And here Griebel may have a chance. Call it unfair, I don't. Opel made a huge effort in this ERC Junior program with the Adam R2. And, OK; maybe it should be said too, they testet in the Saar-Pfalz Rallye for Ireland, in WRC Portugal for Acores (both only Griebel, though), in Wartburg Rallye for recent Rallye Deutschland, while you could see Deutschland again as test for Barum - so they even have test events for test events.... Ingram, Gago, Rokland and Sirmacis did not have this comfort.

And well, another comfort the other drivers don't have: Bergkvist I could imagine applies personal team orders. He is not asked by Opel at this moment. But say if Bergkvist can win this round in Zlin, he will do it. But if Emil Bergkvist is in 2nd or 3rd position or so, with Marijan right behind him, and an extra 3 points will be necessary for Marijan's final championship position, Emil will help Marijan to right that with guys like Chris Ingram not having a back up team mate like that. Well, in a way that is what team work is about, rallying is team work and the ERC Junior final round will be the more exciting for it!