Barum post event press conference

Barum post event press conferenceFrom ERC Media [ 31/08/2016 ].
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Present: Jan Kopecký (JK)/Pavel Dresler (PD), ŠKODA Motorsport Fabia R5, first place Tomáš Kostka (TK)/Ladislav Kučera (LK), Rufa Sport ŠKODA Fabia R5, second place Jan Cerný (JC)/Petr Černohorský (PC), Mogul Czech National Team ŠKODA Fabia R5, third place

Q: Jan, how does it feel to win this rally yet again?

JK: I’m really astonished. I have no words to describe this feeling, to win here for the fifth time. I’m always really happy to be here, and I’m really happy to have achieved so much on this rally. The atmosphere here is always perfect.

Q: Pavel, how special here is the support that the crews get from the fans?

PD: The atmosphere here is one of the best, maybe in Europe or even the world. Nobody here gets sad or angry about anything. Everyone is cheering, everybody is happy and enjoying the rally.

Q: Tomáš, how much have you enjoyed the rally this year and your second place finish?

TK: It has been really enjoyable. The rally has been great and so has the atmosphere. I’m really pleased to achieve this result. We had some technical difficulties with the car, so I’m very happy to finish in second position.

Q: Ladislav, how was it from your position?

LK: I’m happy to be here, and to be here alongside Tomáš. I have really enjoyed this drive with Tomáš, and it was a nice battle with Jan Cerný.

Q: Jan, well done on your podium finish, how does it feel?

JC: I’m very thankful to be here on the podium. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me, firstly to Petr my co-driver, also to my main sponsor Mogul and of course all the fans. At the start of the rally it was very difficult for me but I then I found the rhythm and in the end we achieved third position.

Q: Petr, how would you sum up the rally for you and Jan?

PC: Very enjoyable! Thank you to all the fans for being here. I first came to this rally in 1970, and I think the atmosphere this year was better than in all those years. I want to thank the organisers and particularly Miroslav Regner, the Clerk of the Course, for organising such a great rally. I think the Thursday and Friday before the rally should be a national holiday!