ERC Rzeszow post rally press conference

ERC Rzeszow post rally press conferenceFrom ERC Media [ 05/08/2017 ].
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ERC RALLY RZESZOW POST-EVENT PRESS CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT; FIA European Rally Championship 2017: Round 5 of 8; Rally Rzeszow, 3-5 August; Present: Bryan Bouffier/Gilbert Dini, Gemini Clinic Rally Team, first position; Kajetan Kajetanowicz/Jarek Baran, LOTOS Rally Team, second position; Marijan Griebel/Stefan Kopczyk, third position

Q: Your fifth win on Rally Rzeszow, how are you feeling?

BB: It’s great, a fantastic but I would like to start by thanking the organisation. I can imagine it’s difficult and all the people working on the rally are doing very well and I really like to come back here. The organisation is perfect. From a sportive side it was great. We had to push all during the weekend. It was easy to make a mistake so have five victories here is great. Thank you to Gilbert because and also all the team for the job they did.

Q: It’s quite symbolic this result because you started your career in Poland on this rally before winning three times the Polish championship?

BB: It’s always nice to come back in Poland but especially here in Rzeszów because it’s really the first place I cam to in Poland. I arrived in Warsaw and went straight to Rzeszów. It’s always good to win but especially in Rzeszów. I have to come back next year.

Q: Second place on your home round of the ERC. How was the rally for you?

KK: We are leading the European championship so our mission is accomplished. We have scored second position in overall standings, we are the fastest Polish crew. It was a difficult rally in many aspects. There are three rallies left this season and I will do everything to maintain my lead.

Q: How confident are you that you can win the ERC title for a third time?

KK: It won’t be easy. We are on a good way but we need to pay attention like on this rally. Thanks so much to all fans. They gave us a lot of positive energy. I know that it is not easy to be a fan, because I was a fan too some time ago and I know that it is very hard to spend so much time in the sun and in the hurry to be everywhere after competitors.

Q: What did you think of this year’s Rally Rzeszow?

KK: This rally was faster than the year before, especially because of the first day. We had to change our gearbox for another just after the first loop because it was too short. We learn all our life.

Q: Turning to Jarek Baran, how tough was this event?

JB: I had 270 rallies in my life and I always have problem to say which was the hardest. But this rally was really hard. Many competitors behind the road, many accidents. Thank you Rzeszów!

Q: Third place must be a fantastic result for you on your first time on this rally?

MG: It’s even better because we also have the win in the ERC Junior Under 28 category. The podium finish was the goal there but it was a perfect rally without any mistakes and I am really happy.

Q: What did you think about the rally and the stages?

MG: It was a really nice rally. For me it suits very good, it’s similar to some German roads. In the last round in Spain I was not that fast but here it was perfect.

Q: Will you come back to this rally next year?

MG: It would be nice. If I have the budget and still a car I will come back again.

Q: The drivers have been commenting on how tricky the stages are. From your point of view what did you think of this rally?

SK: It was really interesting for a co-driver. You have to be in a good rhythm because the roads are very tight, very fast with a lot of crests and corners where the driver can’t see anything so the pacenotes were quite the key to success here for us.