Ford R5 quotes after Mexico

Ford R5 quotes after MexicoFrom M-Sport [ 12/03/2018 ].
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The Fiesta didn't just perform at the highest level - strong performances in the WRC 2 category highlighting the effectiveness of M-Sport and Ford's 'Ladder of Opportunity.' Securing career-best performances behind the wheel of their EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta R5s, Gus Greensmith and Pedro Heller secured second and third places in the WRC 2 category as well as their first driver points for ninth and tenth places overall.

Gus Greensmith (2nd WRC 2) said:

"I feel pretty good after this one. It's a relief to get to the end to be honest as it was a rough rally - much rougher than I expected - so to walk away with second in WRC 2 and ninth overall is great.

"It was one of those rallies where you don't want to drive conservatively but, with the attrition rate so high and the wise words of Malcolm and Dad, that's what we did. I don't want to have to do it again, but they're a lot cleverer than me and we're now fourth in the championship after just one rally.

"I also have to say a big thanks to the team as there wasn't a single problem with the car all weekend. Everything was brilliant, just brilliant."

Pedro Heller (3rd WRC 2) said:

"I feel really, really happy after this rally. If you compare it to last year, it's the complete opposite! Okay the gap to the winner was pretty big, but this is Mexico - it's rough and we made it to the end with our first points in WRC 2 and also our first top-ten finish overall. Now, I'm looking forward to Argentina were we plan to do the same."

Marco Bulacia (4th WRC 2) said:

"It was a very difficult rally and we had a lot of problems to contend with. But we are here at the end and that is the main thing. I have to say a big thanks to my co-driver who worked very hard and we are both very happy to be here. Our next rally is Argentina where we hope to have a clean run and show a big improvement."

Nil Solans (7th WRC 2) said:

"It was a bit of a disaster weekend for us to be honest, but we got back out on the stages today and were able to learn a lot about the car and the tyres. After today, we know where our rhythm and our speed should be, and that's good."