Andolfi gets WRC car for Chile

Andolfi gets WRC car for ChileFrom Chris Biewer [ 02/04/2019 ].
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What a lovely move by Lorenzo Bertelli! Fabio Andolfi found himself in an event long battle for WRC2 glory in Corsica last weekend. It was an immensely strong field with 16 drivers starting in WRC2. At first the VW Polos dominated WRC2 in Corsica. But Andolfi in his private Skoda snatched the WRC2 lead from Polo driver Eric Camilli in SS9. Camilli was now second, trying to fight back but Andolfi was still in the lead when Camilli's Polo went up in flames at the end of leg2. However the battle was not over yet.

In a finale similar in drama to the battle at the head of the field (where Elfyn Evans snatched the lead from Neuville, only to suffer a puncture on the last stage) former ERC star Nikolaj Gryazin gave everything and took the lead from Andolfi with only one stage to go. Amazingly Gryazin's lead was only 0.7s. Andolfi responded perfectly. A fastest stage time in WRC2 on the very last stage meant that Fabio Andolfi won the WRC2 category for the first time in his career.

Now, you may have noticed that Lorenzo Bertelli, despite owning a 2017 generation Fiesta WRC, has become a rare visitor to WRC. In 2019 he only competed in Sweden so far, with no other starts currently planned. However, if you miss seeing Lorenzo Bertelli, you will soon at least see his car again!

It turns out, Andolfi's fight for the WRC2 win in Corsica left such a deep impression on fellow Italian Bertelli, that Bertelli now has offered Andolfi to drive his Fiesta WRC in Chile. It will be the first time Andolfi will compete in a WRC car. But choosing Chile for his debut is a good idea, as this is the only WRC event this year that will be new to everyone.