Rough! As Everything Happens

From Adrian Kirk-Burnnand [ 28/02/2003 ].
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Sump guard damage, shot shockies, smashed bumpers, crushed exhausts, retirements and what no fuel? All reports are that the stages are very rough while a slight advantage is being presented to the drivers down the order a little as the stages are swept by the leading crews. This is before larger rocks are littered on the road as more and more drivers go through the stages, some of which have recently been graded to repair weather damage. Retirements so far include Sebastion Loeb, Petter Solberg while Markko Martin has suffered from gearbox problems and Marcus Gronholm (now way down the order) and probably very tired now suffered from power steering failure. The leader is Peugeot's third driver, Harri Rovanpera with Hyundai's Armin Schwarz very happy in second.

Importantly, things are close at the top of the leaderboard all the way down the top 10 and after each stage there have been some large changes to the leaderboards. If you look at our information and results articles you will see just how much overall postions and previous overall positions have jumped around, exciting.

Petter Solberg's retirement was from the lead due to suspension damage. Disappointing for the Norweigen Subaru driver, caution is required on this rough event.

Bizare is the retirement of Citroen's Sebastion Loeb. News is that a wrong turn on the transport section between stages meant he missed the refuel truck and ran out of fuel. Very dissapointing for the Frenchman and Citroen as a good result was expected.

Overall results before first service can be found here with SS4 information.

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