The Awards

From General Article [ 17/05/2003 ].
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A global communications company has it's 'Star of the Rally' award. So, we thought we'd, well, kind of honour the idea, call it the Award and open it up to you to vote for who you think did well and who didn't do what they should on each WRC event. It's worth pointing out that it can be anyone for any reason, so you aren't restricted to WRC personnel. There are five categories and a 'wooden steering wheel' award too. I bet you're having trouble containing your excitement. We'll also endeavour to present the award to the people in question.

Simply click this link and vote for who you think best fits the category for the event.

The categories are:

1. Driver
2. Team
3. Individual (can be anyone)
4. Best Quote
5. The Wooden Steering Wheel Award

When we have all the votes in, we'll post the results and the runners up.

Any posts with bad language or things that could get us sued will of course, not be printed or count towards the end result.


(Any comments related to this Award are not the views of WRC-Online Ltd and are voted for by it's visitors. Please don't sue us as we haven't got much in the bank anyway.)