From General Article [ 27/07/2003 ].
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D03 - SS21

2003 D, SS21 Action

  • Stage:Moselwein 2
  • Stage info:Region: Mosel vine yards – very hilly and narrow with many hairpins (note that the rally is helt in 3 very different areas with distinctively different characters, traditionally each area has their own favourite drivers and cars)

    A repeat of SS18 earlier today. This is the other of the two real classic vine yard stages during this year’s event that were still to come for leg3. Unfortunately like the previous stage, this one has been cut short by some 6km. It is still a real unique stage in the vine yards near Klüsserath. Sing tiny roads along the hills and lined by vines, it is a real challenge for the drivers, while for the spectators alone the scenery is extraordinare. It is not without reason that the Mosel valley is one of Germany’s most famous regions.

  • Distance:16.55km
  • Record:fastest SS18 earlier today:

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  • Stage winner:EXAMPLE: Sebastian Loeb, Citroen Xsara WRC, 7m19.1