WRC FIA Press Conference

From General Article [ 27/07/2003 ].
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WRC FIA Press Conference

Sebastien Loeb

Was it difficult to win this rally?

"Yes it was more difficult especially because of the conditions because of the very bad conditions, a lot of rain and very difficult to keep on the road and very difficult to choose tyres and keep away from Marcus."

"I realised he was so close when I was in the middle of the stage and I had a split time and I knew I was ten secondss behind him and I knew I had to push as much as possible."

Marcus Gronholm

How close were you to winning?

"Not really though there was a chance to win but when I saw the conditions I was trying 100 percent because of the condition's easy to make a mistake so if Sebastien did something stupid I knew it was a chance."

Richard Burns

Was it a difficult rally for you?

"I made a couple of school boy errors, I turned right when I should have turned left and another one I couldn't stop for a corner and those two things together cost us a lot of time and put us in a difficult position at the end of yesterday."

Timo Rautiainen

Asked how the organisation of the Rallye Deutschland handled Spectators this year

"During the stages I don't have too much time to look out the window but to my understanding there is no problem with spectators."

Robert Reid

"Definately in the stages you hardly notice there are spectators there because they are so far back, there was the odd person in an odd place but generally good."

Sebastien Loeb

"Tyre choice was very difficult, I made a lot of mistakes. Marcus made mistakes everybody made mistake, most difficult was to drive when we had intermediate tyres."

Marcus Gronholm

When are you going to win a tarmac round?

"I don't know. We still have three tarmac rounds this year but it won't be easy, I will try and win one of them but it won't be easy for sure, I will do the best I can."

Richard Burns

Do you think you can keep a lead on the Championship?

"We've got two rallies, the next one is not so important, but then the next one is very important for the position on the road, ok we've kept the lead since Turkey but I have to admit that in Cyprus my humour was running thin - it's good to have a rally where being first on the road has an advanatage."

Daniel Elena

Why is Sebastien good in changing conditions?

"I don't know why he is good in changing conditions, it was the same in the Citroen Saxo Trophy but I don't know why."

Timo Rautiainen

Timo Are you looking forward to your home event?

"Of course it's nice to have your home event on the next rally but you have to keep in mind there are other competitors who are going to challenge and not keep it easy."

Robert Reid

How confident were you today?

"I think it's difficult to be confident when the condition ae changing."

Guy Frequelin

You wanted to win 3 rallies this year, are you going to stop winning now?

"For sure we're not going to stop trying to win rallies. I hope we win more. The level in this World Rally Championship is very high for drivers and cars and it's very difficult to win a rally. You can see today the fight between teams and drviers is fantastic."

Do you think it's possible to win in Finland?

"It's very difficult to say you never know where you are with the car we improve the car maybe not enough for Finland because it's very specific but I hope we are better than last year but I don't think we have the car to win in Finland, a strong car for sure but difficult to win."

Do you think it's possible to win the manufacturers title this year?

"I think it is a bit too early to give an answer to whether we can win the manufactuers, this has been a difficult rally and we never know what can happen in the future in the next rally it's too difficult to answer this question but for sure we fight."