Markko Flying, Petter 2nd - SS19

Markko Flying, Petter 2nd - SS19From General Article [ 10/08/2003 ].
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Richard Burns was the quickest through the stage by with Petter Solberg only 0.3 seconds slower, Solberg keeps hold of second place overall. Solberg says he is pushing as hard as he can but wants to give more, while Markko Martin admitted he is now in a position to enjoy the rally more. This battle is going to go down to the wire much of the way down the field. Damper problems for Carlos Sainz, he was approximately 7 seconds off the pace on this stage and fifth fastest through the stage. This extends the gap between him and Burns to 8.9 seconds. One more stage before service and more news.

Standing after stage 1. Martin
2. Solberg +1:14.6
3. Burns +1:15.0
4. Sainz +1:23.9
5. Loeb +2:13.5
6. Makinen +2:51.3
7. Tuohino +3:45.2
8. Lindholm 3:54.5
9. Pykalisto +5:42.6
10. Loix +6:34.8
11. Vatanen +9:56.2
12. Schwarz +10:34.5

Car: 12 Jussi Välimäki / Jakke Honkanen (Hyundai Accent WRC3)
Officially retired following an accident 5.5 kms into the stage where he hit a rock and ripped his wheel off. He was 13th outright prior to his retirement.

Car 20: Jari-Matti Latvala / Miika Anttila (Ford Focus RS WRC02)
Head gasket problems are now resolved. They have tightened the front diff. “I am starting to find confidence in the car and I am enjoy driving.” He was 12th fastest through the stage and moves to 13th outright.

Car 10: Armin Schwarz / Manfred Heimer (Hyundai Accent WRC3)
“We changed back to Friday’s setting now the car is handling better.” He was 11th fastest through the stage and moves to 12th outright.

Car 26: Ari Vatanen / Juha Repo (Peugeot 206 WRC)
The jack in the back of the car came loose and smashed through the rear window.
Repo: “The left rear damper is broken.” Vatanen: The right wheel damper is broken.”

Car 22: Juuso Pykälistö / Esko Mertsalmi (Peugeot 206 WRC)
“Both Valimäki and Duval’s car are off the stage but not in the way.”

Car 24: Sebastian Lindholm / Timo Hantunen (Peugeot 206WRC)
“The new section of SS19 was so slippery that it took us by surprise.” The last 12.1 kms of the stage has not previously been used. He is only 9.3 seconds behind Janne Tuohino overall.

Car 23: Janne Tuohino / Jukka Aho (Ford Focus RS WRC02)
“I am having a tight battle with Lindholm so I am going flat out.” He was faster than Lindhom by 0.4 of a second on this stage.

Car 8: Tommi Mäkinen / Kaj Lindström (Subaru Impreza WRC 2003)
“I tried a bit of a different set up. I almost went off at the start of the stage at a junction where the slippery stage took me by surprise.”

Car 7: Petter Solberg / Phil Mills (Subaru Impreza WRC 2003)
“It was a great stage. Massive jumps. It’s incredible. Pushing, pushing very hard. I can’t do any more (very animated). It’s not enough.”

Car 19: Carlos Sainz / Marc Marti (Citroen Xsara)
Left rear damper has broken. He was approximately 7 seconds off the pace on this stage and fifth fastest through the stage. This extends the gap between him and Burns to 8.9 seconds.

Car 4: Markko Märtin / Michael Park (Ford Focus RS WRC03)
“No problems. We have just been driving the same. It’s not as good as fighting with Marcus. We are planning to enjoy ourselves.” Märtin was third fastest through the stage.

Car 27: Jari Viita / Riku Rousku (Ford Focus RS WRC 01)
“The car is okay now. It feels good to drive to which is good because this is the last day of my summer holiday!”

Car 100: Juha Salo / Mika Stenberg (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7)
“I am just trying to drive steadily. I’m taking it easy and avoiding risks.”

Car 101: Jukka Ketomäki / Jarkko Alanen (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7)
“I am observing Laatunen’s speed.” Ketomäki was faster by 2,1 seconds and is faster overall by 10,3 seconds.

Car: 102 Teemu Laatunen / Jani Vainikka (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7)
“I made a couple of mistakes in there. I had one jump that was a bit too long and then I made a mistake at one junction.”

Car 111: Juha Vuorela / Filip Schovanek (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7)
“I had a spin on the previous stage and my brake pedal is a bit soft.”

Car 70: Guy Wilks / Phil Pugh (Ford Puma)
“The right rear damper is broken.” The right rear corner of the car is hanging down.

Car 103: Daniel Sola / Alex Romani (Mitusbishi Lancer Evo)
“After a jump we landed on a stone – probably the same one as Välimäki and Duval got caught on - but I managed to stay on the road.”

Car 52: Daniel Carlsson / Mattias Andersson (Suzuki Ignis super 1600)
“I am just trying to get to the finish and make Mr Suzuki happy!”