Driver quotes after SS3

From Team [ 01/10/2004 ].
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Tricky stages and many problems

Loeb - Started well, more grip, more problems at the end of the stage in descent, but satisfied.
Solberg – Overheating problems.
Sainz: “The stage was ok. In the previous stage I had hurt the rear left”
Gronholm: “Very demanding, difficult especially in the last part. The car is ok”.
Duval: “Very difficult, I’m not used to drive with first and second.
Hirvonen - Overheating problems as Solberg.
Martin: “The car is going better, but I am not quite satisfied”
Rovanpera: “Lost 20” after I damaged right side of the car”
Henny Solberg: “Hard brakes. Not competitive in this stage”
Perez: “The stage was very slippery”.
Warmbold - traction problems.
Schwarz - No grip. Tyre and engine problems.
Navarra: “The roads are very slippery, but otherwise everything is OK.”