AUS result believed to be confirmed soon

From Krank Enwagen [ 22/11/2004 ].
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Our friend and occasional guest writer Krank Enwagen reports life from Rally Australia 2004. He is believed to finish the event in 5th place right behind all the works cars, a result that should award him 4 championship points as well. So please make sure you tune in to rallye-info again in March 2008, as we estimate at that point Krank Enwagen will have completed the event. And with serious championship points to grasp, March 2008 will also be the time the 2004 points table will be confirmed. All this is considered a revolution as this newcomer uses an interesting transport, very low budget, but obviously sufficient enough to gain major championship points! Follow Krank Enwagen’s musings on this event.

Well, the event already started with a bang as the big news was that stage 1 was completed and Marcus Grönholm hadn’t crashed yet. This actually caused a major worry, as Harri Rovanperä also failed to retire his Peugeot 307. Would 2 cars of the same make be confusing to the public, now since start numbers have been made invisible and crews could also no longer be identified by co-driver names? Would this delay the event severely, since the regular repeating of stages does not allow for that many cars on the first run through?

Well, the event organisers reacted swiftly as for the first service halt in leg1 they allowed a 4 hours break between stages. A 4 hours break for 5 works cars, that should just be about enough. However the author Krank Enwagen complained about the long road sections, he already needed 2 breaks and a little sleep before he could complete the road section! Never mind, he was already in 7th place by now and he was hopeful he could move up the leaderbord soon. Who knows, maybe even a podium result was possible.

He should be correct. Because soon Marcus Grönholm made up for the early morning shock of completing the 1st stage. On this event Marcus didn’t crash once, but twice! Yes, on the same event! Therefore Krank Enwagen moved up 2 places and now was in 5th, which he is bound to keep to the end! We also hear that the Peugeot works team and Corrado Provera are very concerned, as Marcus Grönholm confirms: Clearly the reliability of the new Peugeot 307 is a disgrace, especially the body work, which keeps crumbling!

But never mind, Peugeot is not the only team in problems. Earlier in the day Mr. Solberg was advised to park his Subaru because he lost a mud flap.

Krank Enwagen was as well delighted that the event had so many superspecials, because these stages meant he didn’t need a whole week to complete them! As it was, there were 5 superspecials, that is more superspecials than there were works cars!

Actually, Krank Enwagen has not made it to the superspecials just yet. He is currently in SS3. This is quite a long stage, but everything is going fine, so he expects to finish this stage in time for Christmas. Indeed, there are no problems at all to report and to finish in 5th place should be easy and is very much a foregone conclusion.

One should note that Peugeot takes a serious interest in Krank Enwagen’s progress. If he finishes 5th and takes 4 points for that, there is serious consideration at PSA that this could be their future after their 2006 withdrawal. Well, the PSA group would save millions and could still take a similar amount of makes points as they do now! Especially considering that winning does not guarantee to receive more makes points than the opposition. Look at the makes points awarded for Catalunya and you soon realise it is all about getting two vehicles to the finish, never mind the performance and attack at all!

The reason for this interest is that Krank Enwagen actually competes in a Peugeot. It is self built. However it is thought that this is a car formerly used by Marcus Grönholm! PSA even believes that Krank Enwagen’s Peugeot is virtually guaranteed to finish anywhere, so on the many super rough gravel events – which Australia isn’t – there could even be overall victories on the cards! The team around Krank Enwagen, the Nerv Enklinik team, is expected to build more of these cars. In fact, Krank Enwagen himself hopes to start the Rally Cyprus 2006 – that is, if he has finished the Rally Australia 2004 by then.

In fact, all these rumours around Peugeot’s future involvement could well turn reality. When Krank Enwagen left the start ramp in his Peugeot, Corrado Provera moved his cigarre into the corner of his mouth and was shouting: “That’s it, move your ass, baby!”

For a photo of Krank Enwagen’s ex-Grönholm Peugeot in action on its way to 4 championship points: click here