Duval to make Argentina comeback

Duval to make Argentina comebackFrom Citroen Press [ 14/06/2005 ].
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The difficulties encountered this year, especially during the Cyprus rally, by François Duval and his co-driver Stéphane Prévot, and Stéphane's decision to stop his collaboration with François, had led Citroën Sport to review his strategy for the next events.

The successful participation of Carlos Sainz and Marc Marti as second nominated crew for Citroën in Turkey, and Carlos' appearance planned for Greece, allowed the brand to take a hard look at the remaining part of the season.

It has been decided that from the rally Argentina, François Duval will be the second official driver of the Citroën team. Belgian and experienced Sven Smeets will be his new co-driver.

This decision comes after serious discussions between team boss Guy Fréquelin and the young Belgian driver.

"In addition to the poor results of the crew since the start of the season, also came the announcement of Stéphane to stop co-driving with François. In that case, I had no other choice than suspending François' entries for Turkey and Greece to give ourselves more time to analyse the situation and find the best solution for the next events" explained Guy Fréquelin who also added

"The unsuspected misunderstanding between François and Stéphane since the start of the year, and which reached its climax in Cyprus, certainly had a bad influence on their respective capacities. It's important to put François back behind the wheel as I believe he is young driver with good potential. His comeback should be a chance for him to rise successfully to the missions he has been given : to bring his car to the finish and score Manufacturers points. It's the target I set him, that he accepted. I am confident he will achieve it".