Mitsubishi at the Frankfurt Motorshow

From Chris Biewer [ 28/09/2001 ].
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Mitsubishi has a strong presence and meanwhile a big history in several categories of rallying and the 2 highlights on the Mitsubishi stand reflect just that. The 1st highlight is a prototype called the “Pajero Evo”. Its design confirms what it's name indicates. This prototype is unlikely to go into production and therefore there are not many technical details available. It is more a design model, clearly based on the Pajero with some group B style features inspired by Raid Rallies like the Rallye Paris-Dakar.

Pajero EVO

The 2nd highlight was Mitsubishi’s new Lancer Evo7 - or whatever name you prefer as even on the stand there seemed to be confusion. The road car version shown was a left hand drive car badged “Lancer Evolution 7” while it's licence plate dummies claimed it was a “Carisma GT Evo7”, even though it looked nothing like the other Carismas on the stand. In any case, seeing it live it is certainly a very interesting car. While critics keep saying it isn’t looking as mean as the Evo6, depending on the angle at least the front can look very bulky and mean. Under its skin however the Evo7 road car seems to be quite similar to Evos 4, 5 & 6, as well in performance and technical details.

Carsima GT road car

The Carsima's engine

Of course the Mitsubishi Lancer WRC shouldn’t be missed either. The car on show here may look as already seen on other occasions in Mitsubishi’s typical red and white colour scheme. However, there is something special about the car shown this time! It appears to be fully equipped and in full tarmac spec, ready to go! On top of that it is already registered “Y4 MMR” and has a fresh UK tax disc! So far “Y4 MMR” has never been spotted in any tests or presentations, so here is a good bet that this will be the actual car to be used in either Rally San Remo, or Tour de Corse or even both!

Mitsubishi World Rally Car