First Skoda satisfied with Acropolis

First Skoda satisfied with AcropolisFrom Skoda Press [ 08/06/2006 ].
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First Motorsport Skoda Team knew it: the 8th event of the 2006 World Rally Championship, which took place last weekend in Greece, was going to be tough. But, at the end of three days of a very difficult race, on roads where even rally-raid vehicles would face difficulties, the team could draw up a frankly positive total assessment, even if François Duval and Patrick Pivato could not be happy with the final classification (13th).


Indeed, the excellent stage times recorded during the first and third legs made the team forget the retirement which occurred during the second leg: "It is sure that, this weekend, with a car in which I felt at ease, we made good times ", explained Duval. "Still, Sunday's stages were true building sites. I had never seen stages like that !"

After 6th, 3rd and 2nd best stage times in the first three specials on Sunday, the crew decided to take it easy during the penultimate stage: " After three good stagetimes and after seeing the state of the tires - one decided to return calmly, not to damage neither the car nor mechanics ! "

A wise decision which made it possible for Skoda Fabia WRC n°18 to offer a five star spectacle at the last special stage in the Olympic Stadium in Athens, under the watchful eyes of thousands of people of which, in particular, Willy Collignon, team manager, was delighted : "I think that that went very well for us! Because, as opposed to what often occurs when the last stage of the rally was used for nothing, the small differences between certain competitors, (in particular Toni Gardemeister and Henning Solberg), made sure that they would try their hardest. And the fact that François was as fast as them proves well that our car is competitive. However, what pleases me more, is that François and Patrick showed themselves able to fight at the top from the first special stages, finishing the first leg in 5th position, when all their competitors were running. In a rally like this one - which most estimate to be one of hardest of the season - this means that we are not any more very far away from the top!"