Hacked by prem7pun!sher

Hacked by prem7pun!sherFrom Ron Salter [ 26/03/2007 ].
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Francois Duval will miss this weekend's Rally of Portugal. The Belgian Skoda driver and his first team were not well prepared enough in time for the event, Francois having not even met his co-driver prior to the start. Dual's campaign will now start in Sardinia in May.



Francois said: "I am disappointed not to take part in this new rally, but the conditions are not very favorable, I did not even make a meeting with Jean Francois (Elst - new co-driver), yet. This leaves us time to prepare well for Sardinia - that will be 6 months that I would not have driven. I also am very disappointed for all the supporters who will go to the event and who unfortunately will not see me in action."

Duval's First Motorsport team are now aiming to run Duval in New Zealand to make up for missing Portugal.