Loeb & Grönholm 1-2 in stats

Loeb & Grönholm 1-2 in statsFrom Chris Biewer [ 20/05/2007 ].
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Is it that these two guys are that outstanding above every one else in history? Is it that the competition is that slim in the last years? Without a straight answer to that, we note that not only on most rally results sheets of late we have a Loeb-Grönholm 1-2, but also in the WRC all time history records since today!


Marcus Grönholm won the Rally Sardinia today. This gives him WRC win #27. Thus he moves past Carlos Sainz's 26 wins and the all time WRC charts show as the most successful drivers ever:

1st Sébastien Loeb, 32 wins
2nd Marcus Grönholm, 27 wins

Incredibly the 3rd most successful driver currently active is Petter Solberg. In comparison to his contrahents he is behind Sainz, McRae, Mäkinen, Kankkunen, Auriol, Alen, Mikkola, Biasion, Waldegaard & Röhrl. Such only 2 current drivers are inside the all time top10.

Loeb’s crash today makes the statistics look all the nicer. A tie decider in wins could be the charts of life time WRC points. Sébastien probably liked his number, as his Sardinia result means he remains at exactly 500 career points! Have nice celebrations, Séb.

How incredible this number is, shows a comparison with career WRC starts. As Marcus Grönholm actually has more career points than Loeb. But at 559 for Marcus, Loeb surely wouldn’t need another 52 WRC starts to catch up! Because that is the difference, Loeb started in only 89 WRC events, while Grönholm has 141 WRC events behind himself.


We would have never thought it possible, but it looks like Lancia’s claim to be the most successful WRC manufacturer of all time, may be conquered before our lifes are over. Lancia had some amazing cars, such as the Fulvia, the Beta Coupé, the Stratos, the Rally 037... but no doubt they were also helped by the early groupA regulations, when for years they had the only really suitable base car for rallying. 73 WRC victories for Lancia, wow, why even bother looking any further?

Well, surely it won’t happen this year, but Ford now scored their WRC victory #59, only 14 to go! Peugeot is 3rd in those charts at 48 victories, but are no more competing. Before Ford endangers Lancia’s record, we could see Citroen challenging Toyota and Subaru – despite only competing regularly since the last 5 or so years, Citroen are only 5, respectably 6 victories down on Toyota and Subaru.