The good old U-turn game

From Chris Biewer [ 24/07/2007 ].
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U-turns seem a common fashion by now. If you go through our news archive, you find that on 5th July 2007 we reported that on the very last minute the FIA permitted N-GT cars to start Rallye Deutschland. 2 Porsche 911 GT, both very much front runners in the Germany Rallye Championship, have entered accordingly. The entry closing date passed, and only after the entry closing date the FIA ruled out the start of these N-GT cars again! The ADAC wants to allow them to start after the field. But on safety grounds - starting last with a 360BHP car - and for fair competition - since Rallye Deutschland forms part of the German Championship too - the affected teams now think of withdrawing their entries.



This U-turn game is major disaster for the German Championship. Maybe you could also point fingers to the German organisers, to allow N-GT cars as part of their championship before it was clear they can run on all events. Tho still strange that these cars were FIA permitted to start until after the entry closing date. Rallye Deutschland is even the only double scoring round for the German Rallye Championship. If the front running Porsche teams now have to withdraw their entries, they would most likely want a re-fund, not only for this one event but for the whole series, as their championship chances then turn unrealistic, their efforts wasted, all for none of their fault.