Tommi Likes Red, Do Subaru Fans?

From Adrian Kirk-Burnnand [ 31/10/2001 ].
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Speculation is rife that we could see red Subaru World Rally Cars next year. Apparently Subaru Japan have said they are not set on the cars having to be blue and yellow. Since British American Tabacco left the team have knocked back sponsorship deals due to their wish to only run a blue and yellow. The sign that their attitude might have changed is most probably due to their need for a larger budget to keep up with the other teams.

There is also a rumour that Freddy Loix would probably be on his way to Subaru if the Marlboro deal went through - I'm not sure where they would find space within the team however.

Obviously Subaru would only take such a deal if it was extremely lucritive and Mitsubishi will be fighting hard to retain Marlboro as their main sponser because Mitsubishi's are inherintly red.

However, Ford could also be a possible team Marlboro sponsorship could head to.

My personal opinion is that this won't happen, but given the Makinen to Subaru deal I could now beleive almost anything happening.