MEX SS4 - Just ask the Sébs Loeb & Ogier

From Chris Biewer [ 29/02/2008 ].
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Now Andersson/Suzuki retired, engine failure. Also Rautenbach stopped. To be honest, I don't expect much of a fight in the remaining 20 or so cars. Another new rule makes sure of that. Only gap not counting in minutes after only 4 stages is between Latvala & Loeb for the lead. And Loeb would be stupid to attack Latvala. Shall Latvala clean the road for Loeb tomorrow!

Moved this from news "Just In" to become a proper article.

Not just Andersson but both the Suzuki plus Galli retired in SS4!

This means the leading S1600 cars are now inside the top10 and queueing for WRC points. Never was it that easy to get WRC points!

Just as one example, the French FFSA and Citroën are supporting a young guy called Sébastien Ogier. He is part of a rally family (relation to be confirmed) of the old works Citroën DS days, that competed i.e. in marathons as London-Sydney or Coupe des Alps in the 1960s: Jean-Claude, Bernard & Alain Ogier.

Well, Sébastien Ogier now has a serious chance to gain WRC points on his 1st ever WRC start! And doing so in an S1600 car!

Shame Francois Delecour didn't start with his bicycle!