Ypres Rally is a big party!

Ypres Rally is a big party!From Rally Ypres [ 17/06/2009 ].
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Internationally, the Belgium Ypres Rally is not only known for its very typical narrow and bumpy twisties but also for its unique atmosphere in the town centre. Most international rally's have moved to boring places outside the towns. Ypres has stuck to keeping its rally centre in the form of a set of large tents on the market place. This gives a unique feel to all of those venturing onto the main market place of the town.

"Superstage", the new organisor of the Belgium Ypres Rally, wants to reinforce this by creating a Rally Village in the centre of Ypres.


"Everything in the rally centre on the market will be done to improve the well-being and the atmosphere," explains Christophe Vermeersch, the rally centre manager. "The main tent will make way for an open Rally Village with stalls, drinks and food outlets, a discobar, etc. Freddy Loix' fanclub will also be present with a large tent with two floors. This way, we want to improve the atmosphere, also when there are no rallycars at the servicing. The Rally Village and servicing area will obviously be accessible to everyone. The Rally Village will open its doors on Wednesday. On Friday at 14h00, there will be a meet-and-greet session where all the main drivers will be present."


The entry of the cars into Ypres will also be improved as we have moved the podium and the regroup zone.

"The podium will now be placed in front of the Court house. In the past, the regroup would happen in the Menenstraat where few fans would venture. Now, the cars will regroup in a special area on the market place, just next to the Rally Village and the main service areas. This should allow the people to see the cars close-by. We will even have a podium in the Rally Village where the speaker will interview the drivers during their wait. When the cars enter Ypres and there is no regroup, we will open the fences to allow people to walk in between the cars and chat with the drivers. During the entire weekend, images of the stages will be relayed onto large screens on the market place. The public will hence also be able to watch the four live stages Eurosport will broadcast. This again should help improving the atmosphere as the very last stage, which is where the win might be decided, will be broadcasted live."


The rallyfans should really be spoiled this year at the Belgium Ypres Rally with the new Spectator Arenas, the signposting to the stages and the Rally Village. The central market place of Ypres will sure again be the place to be.