Quotes and updates mid day leg1

From Rallye San Remo [ 26/09/2009 ].
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Paolo Andreucci (Peugeot 207 S2000) closes in the lead this first round of three special stages, while Jan Kopeky in his Skoda Fabia had to retire after getting off the street in SS2.


The Czech driver wins the opening stage with a gap of 0.01” over Andreucci and 2” over the Peugeot of Kris Meeke. Renato Travaglia, does not feel comfortable driving at night, losing 11” and François Duval maintains what he declared and starts carefully, with a gap of 15” from the leader.

Kopeky’s withdrawal leaves the door open to Andreucci, who won the next two stages and get get to the Service Park 8” ahead of Luca Rossetti’s Abarth and 13”7 ahead of Meeke, who precede  Nicholas Vouilloz 0.2” behind and Freddy Loix 2.1” behind.


They said…



Paolo Andreucci: “I’m very happy, everything was fine. I didn’t expect to be ahead of everybody before the long stage that we still have to tackle.



Luca Rossetti: “Not very satisfied with my set up, but we wont change anything before the long “Ronde” because we do not wont to go the wrong way”.



Kris Meeke: “I learned that Kopeky retired just before the start of SS3 and I lost my concentration and I couldn’t find the right rhythm. Anyway this does not allow me to be relaxed because there is still one race to go, Scotland. I have to try to get as many points as possible here, they are going to be very important for the last race”.



Nicolas Vouilloz: “In the previous years the first round was in day light, so now is tougher. Here it’s important to be very precise and so far we did not. The dry weather gives a very good grip, my drive is not fluid and so I put a lot of strain on tyres, anyway the real rally will start now!”.



Umberto Scandola: “La vettura scivola troppo con il posteriore. Sono stato un po’ penalizzato dall’uscita di Medici nella PS3”.



Juho Hanninen: “It is difficult to find the right rhythm here. Each curve is different and there is no room on the side of the track”.



Guy Wilks: “We did well in the first two stages, even if the tyres choice wasn’t the best one, we lack of grip in the front. In SS3 I lost the rhythm when I had to pass the area where Medici had the accident and I couldn’t reagain it”.



François Duval: “ We forgot to put up the night lights before SS2. Last year we lost less time, it could be the tyre choice, a softer compound. Even if during the tests we were satisfied”.



Last minute: Luca Cantamessa, BF Goodrich driver, had to change the exhaust pipe of his Peugeot 207 S2000 and got out of the Service Park with 3 minutes delay.