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From Adrian Kirk-Burnnand [ 17/01/2002 ].
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A selection of streaming rally videos.

Wrc-Online is glad to be able to present a selection of streaming rally videos to our visitors. This service has been made available with thanks to ICNSport.

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Mitsubishi - Testing Action of the new WRC2 - 6-AUG-02

FIRST video of the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution WRC2 in France (officially launched at the Rally Finland on August 7th). Action plus interviews (English and French).

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Hyundai World Rally Gravel Preperations
- 13-MAY-02

Gravel testing with the Hyundai Castrol World Rally Team and interviews with drivers Juha Kankkunen, Freddy Loix and Armin Schwarz. Interviews also with Graham Moore, Principal Development Engineer.

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The World Rally Tyre Challenge - 11-JAN-02

The World Rally Championship is a gruelling challenge for the tyre companies with so many different surfaces and terrains to contend with. Michelin was supreme in 2001 with 10 wins out of 14 rallies. We take a look behind the scenes

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Mitsubishi Ralliart: Official Launch In Monaco of New WRCar
- 02-OCT-01

October 2nd, Monaco, sees the official launch of the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution World Rally Car which will then race in the San Remo rally on October 5th. Interviews with Tommi Makinen and Freddy Loix.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart: Tommi Makinen's First Glimpst of the New Car - 14-AUG-01

Tommi Makinen at the Ralliart workshops in Rugby, England, sees the new WRC for the first time. Includes: interviews / workshops / action scenes. The results in the car were not up to Makinen standard and at the end of 2001 he changed teams to Subaru.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart: New WRCar Test Action
- 30-JUL-01

FIRST video of the World Rally Championship Leaders testing out their new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution World Rally Car in England and France (to be officially launched at the San Remo rally in October). Action plus interviews.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart Season Review / Preview - 25-APR-01

Mitsubishi Ralliart goes to the Rally of Argentina (commencing May 3rd), the 5th round of the World Rally Champonships, leading the points table and with 4 times World Champion Tommi Makinen leading the drivers championship.

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The Peugeot World Rally Team
- 01-NOV-00

Summary of Peugeot's double title-winning season in 2000. Marcus Gronholm took the drivers title and Peugeot kept their record of simply winning all WR Championships they enter.

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M-Sport Ford World Rally Overview - 01-NOV-00

When you think of Rallying there is always one car manufacture that seems synonymous with it and that is Ford. They seem to have been at it since the wheel was invented and their continuing commitment is highlighted in their newly developed facility at Cockermouth in Cumbria.

The Blue Oval’s campaign is actually run under the banner of Malcom Wilson’s M-Sport outfit who have developed the new Focus to a very competitive World Rally campaigning car.

The two thousand season has probably been the biggest ever effort for a team that first entered the Rally arena in nineteen-fifty three. It is almost unbelievable that in all that time they have only ever won the World crown once.

This brand new facility takes them into a new era.

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Mitsubishi Ralliart Testing
- 01-OCT-00

Last year Tommi Makkinen set out to claim a record-breaking fourth consecutive world crown and everyone said it couldn't be done - including Tommi Makkinen.

By the time he reached Australia a steady third was all he needed to confirm that he and the team had achieved the impossible.

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Subaru World Rally Team Tyre Testing - 01-OCT-00

The ninety-nine Impreza was already a good car. Driving earlier versions, Colin Mcrae had won the world title in ninety-five and been runner-up in the next two years.

But in ninety-eight and nine there was a feeling that the car was starting to show its age, and the new one still wasn't ready. The team had vowed not to introduce it until it was bullet-proof, and perhaps that cost them points early on in the season as they campaigned last year's car. Then came the Impreza two thousand, which didn't look a lot different externally. But under the skin it was a whole new animal.

By the time they reached Greece the point was proven. Richard Burns had collected back-to-back wins in Kenya and Portugal, finished second in Spain and won again in Argentina.

Quite clearly the new car was working well, and the decision to hold it back until the teething problems had been removed appeared to be vindicated. But when was life ecver that simple? Random mechanical failures followed, and the regular test programme was suddenly thrown into sharp relief as the team searched for answers to questions they hadn't expected.

This normally unseen side of the world rally championship makes up a huge percentage of the workload for a team and the drivers, and adds yet another burden to the list of demands on their time and attention.

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Hyundai World Rally Test In Wales
- 01-OCT-00

A damp morning in Wales as the team head to some extreme surface conditions to prepare for the Rally of Great Britain.

Some cars are more suited to asphalt stages, some are supreme on the rough. The Hyundai has struggled in the latter this year and that’s something that they are trying to redress here to just get a bit better for the final round.

Its also essential preparation for the driver, time to readjust to new conditions and find the best from recent developments to the car.

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