Impressive TV audience for IRC Corse

Impressive TV audience for IRC CorseFrom IRC media [ 19/05/2011 ].
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Eurosport Events, promoter of the IRC, is delighted to announce that a global reach of more than 5.2 million different viewers across Europe watched Eurosport’s coverage of Tour de Corse-E.Leclerc from 12-14 May, round three of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (1).

Eurosport, Europe’s leading sports entertainment group and host broadcaster of the IRC, showed three stages live plus highlights from day one as well as a round-up programme of all the action. Eurosport 2 also transmitted two stages directly as they happened (2).

It was the first time that the IRC had included the picturesque Mediterranean island of Corsica on its all-action schedule. Through the use of several onboard cameras, a number of stage-side cameras and also a helicopter-mounted camera, the production and transmission of live images on television offered a spectacular show for viewers, highlighting the non-stop drama and excitement of the IRC and the beautiful Corsican countryside as a backdrop.

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(2) Eurosport France broadcast an additional stage live on day two (13 May), which is not taken into account in the global audience reach.