Honda Tour de Corse review

Honda Tour de Corse reviewFrom Honda J.A.S. Press [ 20/05/2011 ].
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The Hungarian team Janos Puskadi/Barna Gonor in their Honda Civic Type R finished 4th overall in the R3C category at the end of the Corsica Rally, 3rd leg of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC).

"Perhaps we could have finished in a higher position" explained the Hungarian Honda driver. "During the first couple of stages I didn't want to take unnecessary risks, because above all I wanted to reach the finish. Looking back, I realize that this plan was too cautious. JAS Motorsport's Alessandro Mariani kept on advising me during the whole of the race and gave me many precious tips. We changed the car's set-up and during the second day this gave me a better feeling and more self-confidence. I could increase my rhythm and secure our 4th position."

The JAS Motorsport team was delighted with Janos' progress during this Tour de Corse.

Says Alessandro Mariani, JAS Motorsport's Managing Director : "Let's not forget that this was the first time that Janos and his co Barna experienced Corsica's typical roads, and that they had to race against drivers who themselves feel very much "at home" here. Moreover, he scored 18 points for Honda in the 2WD Cup so that we could reinforce our position in the provisional standings."

Unfortunately, for Martin Kangur and his co Kutte Silver, driving the second Honda Civic Type R, the Corsica Rally ended too early. Already in the first SS, all went wrong for the young Estonian driver who encountered drive shaft problems, having to end his race there and then.

"After the first SS the team were able to repair the drive shaft very quickly, but the oil leak in the power steering cost more time to repair: it meant the end for Martin. The car could restart but unfortunately it was too late".

Alessandro Mariani's opinion is hard, but fair. "The very late decision to start in Corsica wasn't a great help in turning this first mission into a success. The car's set-up had indeed still to be adapted to the Corsican tarmac conditions."

The JAS Motorsport team is meanwhile eagerly looking forward to the next rendez-vous, the Prime Yalta Rally in Ukraine (2-4 June), 4th leg of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge.

"Not being able to score more points is very frustrating" concludes JAS Motorsport's Managing Director. "But we will do everything we can to give Martin and Janos the possibility to finish in a higher position in Ukraine."