Driver quotes of Leggenda event

Driver quotes of Leggenda eventFrom Rallye San Remo [ 21/09/2011 ].
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Just few days before the start of the historic race on the roads of the Ligurian west coast. The rally this is divided in two parts: 53rd Rallye Sanremo, valid for the 2011 Intercontinental Rally Challenge and the South West Europe Cup and Rallye Sanremo Leggenda. The latter one is the first, out of two, finals of the 2011 Italian Asphalt Rally Trophy, the last final will be Rally Como (October 23rd).

This rally will consist in one leg divided in two days and the route will be slightly different and shorter. Rallye Sanremo Leggenda will start from Sanremo on Friday September 23rd at 19h10 and the final arrival will be on Saturday September 24th at 16h30. Competitors will tackle 9 special stages 125,28 timed kilometers, and the total route is 357,04 km.

The 44 km long special stage called “Ronde” in this case will be divide in different parts and won’t be disputed as one stage altogether.

The 900 km long special stage that’s going to be used tomorrow by the old rally Champions of the “Star Parade”, will be disputed during the race just by the entrants to Rallye Sanremo Leggenda. The stage will be recorded and broadcasted by RAI Sport 1 at 17h30 on Saturday September 24th.

Here is what the Italian Asphalt Rally Trophy’s drivers said about this event:

Luca Pedersoli (Citroen C4 WRC)
“At Rally Proserpina I’ve got an unexpected jolly. I won because Michelini retired. I’d rather prefer to play this jolly at Sanremo, a decisive race for the Asphalt Rally Trophy. Sanremo has quite a special charm. A race with quite difficult and demanding roads, that were the stage of epic challenges in the past when this race was part of the World Rally Championship. I’m happy that one of the rounds of the Asphalt Rally Trophy is here. I can’t wait to tackle these roads with my performing Citroen C4 WRC and hope to do well. The roads are spectacular and being surrounded by the many spectators that usually crowd the roads’ sides is quite an emotion. There are only two rounds left in this trophy, we are in the lead, but the points we have are still not enough to be absolutely sure to win, hopefully we’ll get some more in Sanremo”.

Rudy Michelini (Ford Focus WRC)
“It’s my fifth time in Sanremo. This year this charming and very demanding race is particularly important for us, here we will fight for the first time against all the drivers of the Italian Asphalt Rally Trophy, and the points we can get will be important for the win. The route has changed a bit from last year, nevertheless we know it quite well and is always exciting to race here. Together with the Procar team we prepared carefully for this event. It’s important to find a good feeling with the Ford Focus and find the right setup, in order to take the best out of the car, also with the help of the Pirelli tyres. We need to pick up the misfortune we incur in Sicily at Rally Proserpina, where we were performing well till we had to retire”.

Felice Re: (Citroen C4 WRC)
“Sanremo is really a tough race. This is my first time here, so all the stages will be brand new to me. It won’t be easy to find the right pace, but nevertheless we will have to push from the beginning, we can’t wait. We’ve worked on the Citroen C4, but in a race like this one it is very important also the understanding between driver and co-driver. The stages are quite narrow and lots are downhill. We should start to attack since the beginning, but without exaggerating”.

Alfonso Di Benedetto (Rally Peugeot 207 S2000)
“Rallye Sanremo is for sure the most demanding and the longest race of the Asphalt Rally Trophy. The stages are amazing, but also tricky. This is the first of the two finals and is going to be important for me to remain quiet, trying not to look for a good result in the stages, but building up a good result in the race and gain important points in the trophy. The feeling with the team is great and the professional help of Pirelli make me confident”.

Piero Longhi (Mini WRC)
“Rallye Sanremo is one of my favourite races, I definitely wanted to taking part in it this year too. In the case In which the new car was not available for this rally, with the team we’ve thought to enter with our Peugeot in the IRC race. The new Mini just arrived, so we took part in double ronde rally Ossola, to test the car before the Sanremo, the fact that we won the race is a good prospect in view of Sanremo. The decision to enter the Asphalt Rally Trophy we believe it’s the right one. We will be able to see how the car is behaving, get used to the Mini, drive a bit more before taking decisions for next year. Driving again a Turbo charged car is a joy for me, I do not feel completely at ease with the S2000 cars. The only thing I’m sorry for, is that we won’t be disputing the 44 km long stage. I really like it and I won it in the past”.

Corrado Fontana (Mini John Cooper WRC)
“I knew this race, I disputed it quite a few times in the past and I like It a lot. I havent’ been here for seven years now, but the roads should not have changed much. This race is absolutely the best of all races for me, unfortunately we will tackle a shorter route”.

Roberto Vellani: (Twister Corse Peugeot 207 S2000)
“Rallye Sanremo is really an exciting race! The atmosphere is unique and reflects the great reputation this race has. Everything is exciting here, from meeting lots of friends, to the spirit of the people. I’ve been driving for 24 years now and I never took part in this rally, so I do not know the stages and maybe in the first stages, that won’t be repeated, we’ll loose a bit. The asphalt is good and the stages are similar to the ones I’m used to in Emilia where I live. I know what set up we are going to use, even if we will change something if it’s needed”.