3rd place for Puskadi in IRC 2WD Cup

3rd place for Puskadi in IRC 2WD CupFrom Honda J.A.S. Press [ 09/11/2011 ].
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Janos Puskadi was celebrating in Cyprus this weekend after coming 4th in the final round of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and securing 3rd place in the overall standings of the 2WD Drivers' Cup.

Despite the achievement, Cyprus proved a frustrating rally for Puskadi, who was kept off the podium by local hero Andreas Charalambous, also driving a Honda Civic Type R. During the first stage of the second day, a tiny stone caused a leak in a small tube of the steering pump, hampering the car's handling.

"This was the toughest day in my whole career", smiled Janos at the finish afterwards. "The team hadn't been able to deal with the problem during the service stop, which meant that I had to drive five special stages on gravel without power steering. The loss of third place kept on haunting me too! I said at the beginning that I absolutely wanted to reach the finish, but I never expected to have to work that hard in order to bring the car home!"

Before the incident Puskadi had matched Charalambous for speed and at times was faster than Zacharias Manoli in another Honda Civic Type R. Unfortunately, Manoli was forced to retire during the 7th Special Stage.

Puskadi added: "Harry Hunt's retirement during the 8th Special Stage helped me a great deal to climb to 4th position. And to be able to score enough points to beat my Honda team mate Martin Kangur in the final standing was a great feeling. Mission accomplished."

On Sunday 6th November, after the finish of the Cyprus Rally, a Golden Stage Rally took place. This Special Stage, developed by Eurosport with live broadcasting, involved competitors completing two runs of a 19km, mixed-surface course. In the 2WD category, newly crowned champion Raoux took victory, whilst Janos Puskadi, after a closely fought battle with - again - Andreas Charalambous, finished second, taking with him a nice 5000€ bonus.

"It was a fantastic stage, especially as there was no pressure to reach the finish or to score points. I drove without any stress and my stage times weren't that far off champion Raoux, which means that when I can go flat out I can match the best. The bonus I received will also come in very handy for this year's budget!"

It has been a good IRC season for Honda. In Scotland last month it took the title in the 2WD Manufacturers' Cup. Here in Cyprus, thanks to Janos Puskadi, Honda is also on the rostrum in the 2WD Drivers' Cup.