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Austin Home Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom

Austin is one of many brands that joined a partnership to form BMC (British Motor Corporation), renamed British Leyland, renamed Austin Rover Group, renamed…. Therefore we have to refer you to the story of MG Rover, which is the stories of these brands joined together.

The brands joined to form BMC/British Leyland melted together ever more. This group turned out many rally cars and have clearly one of the biggest rally heritage there ever was. Rally cars turned out by the group include: Austin 7, Austin 35/55, Austin Atlantic, MG Midget, MGA, MGB, Morris Minor, Triumph Herald, Austin Healey, BMC Mini, BMC/Austin Maxi, Austin 1800, Triumph 2500, Triumph Dolomite, Morris Marina, Leyland Princess, Rover 3500 Vanden Plas (P5/P6 shell), Triumph TR7 V8, Rover 3500 Vitesse (SD1 shell), MG Metro and a few more. To add to confusion, brand names were swapped between projects. So turned the group B Metro from an Austin into an MG and the Triumph TR7 V8 showed the Triumph brand name but the entrant was “BL cars”. In all this it only seems fair to treat them all as the same make.

To further underline that it's all the same make, all of these works cars listed here, from Austin Healey via BMC Mini to Triumph TR7 V8, were all run from the same motorsport base. This motorsport base was the former Morris Garages - which is exactly what makes up the initials MG! - in Abingdon, Oxon. And to finish them off with a smile, the MG base in Abingdon is no more existing. It has been bought by the brewery "Morlands" in 1980 after the TR7 V8 program ended. And Morlands knows very well of the heritage of their place: Morlands created a strong ale called "The Old Speckled Hen" and this beer proudly displays the MG symbol - no joke! Unfortunately Morlands itself closed the doors in 2000, which in all likelyhood spelled the end of this historic building. One consolation is good beer never dies. Receipe and rights bought by another brewery, the "MG Rally Beer" still lives on! So for all fans of British rally car history, if nothing else is left, we can still have a drink on them:

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