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I introduced this for two purposes. Although I do cater for never officially competing or one-event manufacturers as Honda or Dodge, but when I came to Wartburg things were just getting silly. The Wartburg would not be worth a mention for any single reason, had one such car not come 2nd overall on a WRC event. It was the Poland Rally 1973, where only 3 cars finished, which is the only explanation for this result. You could as well say the Wartburg was 2nd from last, an unbelievable 3hrs off the winning time! So I couldn't be bothered creating an extra manufacturer file for this.

Instead I use this also to include a few cars that came to fame before the WRC. After a while I felt there was a number of cars that just belong to brand history and would be an incredible shame to miss out on, although I would not have a WRC event to include them. These cars you find under model names "_ancient_".

Such ancient models are actually included to the models list of the makes BMC (MG Rover), Ford & Peugeot. Renault would have deserved to have these models listed under their name too, rather than "_others_". However Renault's pre-WRC story circled mainly around 2 models only, Dauphine & R8. Though these were very successful models, it is severely less in model numbers than Rover, Ford & Peugeot had pre-WRC. Also Citroën had a big pre-WRC story, but since the DS was rallied for some 20years, there is no such problem.

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