Suzuki Manufacturer Profile & Rally History

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Suzuki Home Country: Japan Japan

Looking at motorsport, Suzuki seems like the last company to be compared to Toyota, but in company history as a whole, the similarities between these two brands are amazing. Like Toyota, the Suzuki brand name is the surname of the company founder, here Michio Suzuki. In this case this may be little surprising, well I get the impression Suzuki is a name in Japan like Smith is in UK. Further similarities are that like Toyota, Suzuki started off as a weaver loom producer - what a coincidence, you are hard pushed to find two industries that are more remote from each other than weaver looms and cars. And like Toyota, Suzuki only started making cars very late, in the mid 1930s. Then however the differences start. Suzuki created their first car in 1937, but in following years their car business seemed to move slowly. Partly because until today motorbikes take priority for Suzuki. As a car producer Suzuki is one of Japan's smallest, while Toyota is Japan's biggest.

Since Suzuki only started with a serious rally program this year (2008), it will have to take a while before I write down their rally history here.

Since Suzuki stopped their disappointing WRC program also this year (2008), it still is hard to write down any positive rally history here. Well, maybe positive, it did not take them as long as Hyundai to realise they were a bit blindfolded thinking of their previous sub-category program as a success to build on for more.


If I was to write Suzuki's rally heroics until today, mid 2008, I wouldn't find many positive words at all. However kudos to their choice of brand identity colour: yellow & white. Indeed it reminds a bit of Opel works colours of 1979-1981, before Rothmans came in. In general I must admit I am very surprised how much such bright, light colours stand out from a white base. Mitsubishi's white & orange in 1980-1981 the same. One would think bright yellow on white is hardly noticable. But it is, noticed and sticks to your mind with a signal function. Outstanding, after all it is marketing why manufacturers do rallies.

No word on tyres here, Suzuki started their WRCar program with the introduction of control tyres.


This is also a short chapter. The S1600/JWRC cars were prepared in Suzuki's Hungarian factory and therefore carry Hungarian reg plates. We did not actually take note of these Hungarian reg plates for this sub-category program. When Suzuki started with their WRCar proper, they display typical Japanese plates, which changed back to Hungarian ones soon.

Suzuki Rally Cars

Model Class
Suzuki Suzuki Baleno Wagon  Formula 2
Suzuki Suzuki G3X Ignis  Super 1600
Suzuki Suzuki Ignis  Super 1600
Suzuki Suzuki Swift  Super 1600
Suzuki Suzuki Swift (Cultus)  Group A
Suzuki Suzuki SX4  World Rally Car

Rally Honour Roll

Year Class Place Manufacturer Events
2018 IRC Class R5 11th. Suzuki (2pts) 8

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2013 IRC Super 2000 / WRC 1.6T 9th. Suzuki (8pts) 12

Season Summary | Season Points | Events Calendar

2008 WRC World Rally Car 5th. Suzuki (34pts) 15

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