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Like Peugeot and BMC I had to create an ancient section for Ford. Ford is one manufacturer with the longest rally heritage. Greek Maurice Gatsonides was very much the first permanent works rally driver in the common sense when he won the 1953 Rallye Monte Carlo for Ford, a rallye Ford already won in 1936. Although Peugeot, BMC and Renault rallye histories started long before 1936, Henry Ford himself has the 1904 land speed record to his name. And since taking rallying seriously from 1936, Peugeot, Renault and BMC may have been rallying officially 30-40years before Ford, but since then Ford must go down as clearly the manufacturer most loyal to rallying.

At least, other than the Peugeot & BMC ancient stories, we do not have confusion with brand names.

However I promise you will be surprised at some of the cars you find in here. I.e. the Ford GT70 - and not the Lancia Stratos - was the first purpose built rally car ever...

I am sorry to ignore the Ford Anglia Mk1 that won the Monte Carlo 1936. This model is known in the rest of Europe (outside UK) as the Ford Eifel. It is simply before my time and other than Monte Carlo 1936 I find no results nor specifications for it.

All cars listed here are indeed group2. Only Ford Capri RS2600 and Ford Cortina Mk5 are standard (=gN) group1 cars.
In the Ford GT70 we have a contradiction, maybe a missprint somewhere. In the Tour de Corse 1972 entry lists the GT70 is marked as a group3 car, which is a road going version GT-car, meaning a minimum of 400 were produced. This number seems a bit high for me, as the GT70 was a short living prototype, which puts it more in line with group5. The Lancia Stratos is found on the very same entry list as a group5 car.

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Ford _ancient_ Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Ford _ancient_ 20M RS (68-69) 200/6500 230/5100 4721.1756.1478 1130 (5.65) RWD (2705)
Ford _ancient_ Anglia 105E (59-63) 49/5000 63/3700 3900.1450.1440 741 (15.1) RWD (2300)
Ford _ancient_ Capri (Mk1) RS2600 (69-73) 150/5800 165/3500 4303.1646.0 1080 (7.2) RWD (2560)
Ford _ancient_ Corsair (Mk1) (64-66) 120/6500 142/5100 4496.1626.0 990 (0) RWD (2565)
Ford _ancient_ Cortina (Mk1) GT (62-67) 120/6500 142/5100 4275.1587.1364 900 (7.5) RWD (2476)
Ford _ancient_ Cortina (Mk1) Lotus (63-68) 140/6800 155/5000 4275.1587.1364 900 (6.4) RWD (2476)
Ford _ancient_ Cortina (Mk2) GT (67-68) 120/6500 142/5100 4270.1650.1400 980 (8.2) RWD (2490)
Ford _ancient_ Cortina (Mk2) Lotus (67-69) 140/6800 155/5000 4270.1650.1400 980 (7) RWD (2490)
Ford _ancient_ Cortina (Mk4) 3000 (80-81) 140/5000 178/3000 4340.1706.1363 1035 (7.4) RWD (2579)
Ford _ancient_ Falcon 4.7 (62-64) 285/5500 373/4650 4612.1818.1384 1480 (5.2) RWD (2781)
Ford _ancient_ GT70 (70-72) 250 3880.1727.1117 965 (3.9) RWD (2324)
Ford _ancient_ Zephyr (Mk1) (53-56) 0 0 0.0.0 0 (0) RWD (2642)
Ford _ancient_ Zephyr (Mk2) (59-61) 0 0 0.1753.0 0 (0) RWD (2718)
Ford _ancient_ Zodiac (Mk3) (62-62) 0 0 0.0.0 0 (0) RWD (0)

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Ford _ancient_ Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1977 WRC Rally of Great Britain G. Beever R. Beever #122 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1973 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo K. Fritzinger G. Schons #45 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1973 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Kleint . UNKNOWN #177 [UNKNOWN] SS99 rear axle