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First appearance of the Volkswagen Golf GTI in rallying. Even though Peugeot 104 ZS and Renault R5 Alpine were first and smaller, and even though the GTI name was used first by Peugeot (GTI shortcut = French, Grand Tourisme Injection), the Golf is by many regarded as the father to all hot hatches. In performance the Golf struggled to keep up at least with the Renault R5 Alpine. It was first used in the German championship and interestingly - a single private entry in MC 1977 aside - the Golf GTI did not hit the WRC scene until the French Volkswagen importer took the initiative and run a group 2 Golf GTI in Monte Carlo 1979 in the hands of Jean-Luc Therrier. Still, one can't say the car stayed without success at least in its category. Its best days however came in group A in the hands of Kalle Grundel.

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Volkswagen Golf (1) Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Volkswagen Golf (1) GTI (77-0) 165/7200 180/6000 3723.1610.1410 865 (5.2) FWD (2400)
Volkswagen Golf (1) LD (Diesel) (00-00) 0 0 0.0.0 0 (0) 0 (0)

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Volkswagen Golf (1) Results

This is an unofficial Car Results list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
8th. 1982 WRC Swedish Rally K. Grundel R. Melleroth #37 [UNKNOWN] 3:50:30
20th. 1981 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo F. Chatriot . UNKNOWN #109 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
19th. 1981 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo N. Koob . UNKNOWN #41 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
28th. 1981 WRC Swedish Rally M. Ericsson . UNKNOWN #90 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
5th. 1980 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo P. Eklund H. Sylvan #26 [UNKNOWN] 8:56:47
50th. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo D. Snobeck C. Delferrier #42 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
33rd. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo C. Laurent J. Marché #29 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
14th. 1979 WRC Swedish Rally K. Melin O. Hellgren #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
65th. 1978 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo C. Laurent J. Marché #89 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
10th. 1978 WRC Swedish Rally K. Melin O. Hellgren #33 [UNKNOWN] 7:19:39
18th. 1977 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Ragnotti J. Andrié #30 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Volkswagen Golf (1) Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1982 WRC Rallye San Remo P. Eklund R. Spjuth #5 [UNKNOWN] SS42 gearbox
Ret. 1981 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo P. Eklund R. Spjuth #12 [UNKNOWN] SS19 engine
Ret. 1980 WRC Swedish Rally K. Melin . UNKNOWN #43 [UNKNOWN] SS99 gearbox
Ret. 1980 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Thérier M. Vial #14 [UNKNOWN] SS7 brakes
Ret. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Thérier M. Vial #19 [UNKNOWN] SS20 throttle cable
Ret. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo P. Pagani X. Carlotti #54 [UNKNOWN] SS99 engine
Ret. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo A. Coppier J. Laloz #32 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1979 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo M. Chomat . UNKNOWN #176 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1978 WRC Rally of Great Britain J. Kleint A. Hänsch #31 [UNKNOWN] SS4 gearbox
Ret. 1978 WRC Rally of Finland J. Kleint A. Hänsch #16 [UNKNOWN] SS25 engine
Ret. 1978 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Kleint A. Hänsch #49 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1977 WRC Rally of Great Britain K. Melin O. Hellgren #88 [UNKNOWN] SS20 brakes
Ret. 1976 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo F. Kottulinsky . UNKNOWN #51 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1975 WRC Rally of Great Britain F. Kottulinsky W. Pitz #47 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?