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If the Alfa Romeo Alfasud TI was the first groupN winner ever, probably less of a surprise was to have the Porsche 911 as the first groupB winner ever. Jean-Pierre Ballet was the man to win groupB (= 9th overall) on the 1982 Rallye Monte Carlo. However there was virtually no difference between his 911 SC and the group4 911 SC as basically the homologation was just carried over, so with this car at that time you had the choice of two classes to enter in.

More serious was the later 911 SC RS project that was carried out by Prodrive under a straight contract with Porsche UK, but with the blessings of the Porsche factory.

However the Prodrive/Porsche partnership ended in tears. Prodrive took on the job because Porsche promised an exciting, new 4x4 groupB car, the 959. The 959 was first shown to the public already on the Frankfurt Motorshow (IAA) in September 1983. But this project was by Porsche themselves delayed several times and when then on top of it first talk appeared of running the 959 in Paris-Dakar rather than the WRC, Prodrive duly turned their back on Porsche, run some private Metros instead in 1986 before turning their attention to the BMW M3.

Maybe this is the only case where Porsche real names/numbers - as opposed to marketing names/numbers - actually help explaining the scenario. Although strictly speaking 930 refers to turbo versions, the 911 SC, never mind if group4 or groupB, has the typical 930 shell with the big bumpers with the US-type side rubber cushions and big, flat rear spoiler. The proper groupB SC RS is also based on the 930 shell, but is named the 954. This may surprise as virtually no-one knows the 954 name, while the 953 is rather famous! But this being project numbers, it explains what was going on. Because Porsche developed a groupB "911" especially for Dakar. The 953 is a classic 911/930 shell before the radical 959 was ready. The 953 is basically a 930 minus turbo but with 4x4. This car was entered at the Dakar 1984 and won with René Metge. The 911 SC RS as a groupB base car has project code 954, such it was developed after the Dakar 953 and is basically a 953 minus 4x4 and with more normal suspension again. It seems to prove that for Porsche the Dakar program took priority. Already for Dakar 1985 the famous groupB 959 was ready, and like the 953 in 1984 it was entered by Porsche direct, while Prodive was still busy running the SC RS aka 954 in WRC & ERC events. Then it must be some time during 1985 that Porsche informed Prodrive they did not want to have the groupB 959 in groupB WRC after all. Which does seem strongly against original intentions. Eventually the radical and famous groupB 959 was only developed for 2 Dakar starts, which does seem odd. But still this was the case, since the 959 already started Dakar in January 1985 there was long no talk of groupB accidents. With the car developped for so few starts and no WRC prospects, Porsche even turned the 959 into the 961 Le Mans race car. However here being clearly in the shadow of the 956/962 groupC car this project was stopped after two races also! The 959 was a stunning car wasted by politics.

Even on the risk of high-jacking this car story, here some details how Prodrive became big. Of course everybody knows them now as the Subaru World Rally Team.
But a more fitting question would be why did Porsche turn to Prodrive, when even in San Remo 1981 with Walter Röhrl Porsche carried on their long and legendary partnership with the French Frères Almeras team? David Richards always had business links to Rothmans, which is how he became navigator to Ari Vatanen in the famous Escorts. When he quit navigating he started a tuning business called David Richards Autosport and prepared some Opel Ascona 400 in a low scale business. His company really only fired up with the Porsche "SC RS" project, which was the same time David Richards Autosport was renamed into Prodrive. The Porsche endurance works team had Rothmans sponsorship, which was despite little rally interest by the Porsche factory carried over to the rally project with plans of the 959 alongside the endurance cars 956 & 962. And this Rothmans sponsorship in rallying and old business connections is what gave David Richards' company the life saving deal. However as said when Porsche left proper rallying for Dakar raids after all, despite Porsche keeping the Rothmans deal, Prodrive turned their back on Porsche and followed the rally career via Metro & M3 as above. Funny enough the 1986 Metro was entered under David Richards Autosport again, as the Prodrive name was still contracted to Porsche, only with the end of groupB this contract was nullified and Prodrive was the sole company name ever since.

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Porsche 911 Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Porsche 911 930 SC (82-86) 300/8000 310/7200 4230.1800.1300 1000 (3.3) RWD (2272)
Porsche 911 953 4x4 (*) (00-00) 225 0 4230.1800.0 1247 (5.5) 4x4 (2272)
Porsche 911 954 SC RS (84-86) 300/8000 250/6500 4230.1800.1300 1030 (3.4) RWD (2272)
Porsche 911 959 (*) (00-00) 444 0 4260.1840.1280 1450 (3.3) 4x4 (2272)

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Porsche 911 Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
15th. 1986 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo C. Spiliotis I. Spiliotis #38 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
10th. 1986 WRC Tour de Corse C. Gardavot . UNKNOWN #24 [UNKNOWN] 13:27:40
4th. 1986 WRC Acropolis Rally S. Al Hajri J. Spiller #15 [UNKNOWN] 8:11:11
3rd. 1985 WRC Tour de Corse B. Beguin J. Lenne #10 [UNKNOWN] 13:20:04
4th. 1985 WRC Tour de Corse B. Coleman R. Morgan #15 [UNKNOWN] 13:51:22
5th. 1985 WRC Acropolis Rally S. Al Hajri J. Spiller #12 [UNKNOWN] 11:21:50
17th. 1984 WRC Rally of Great Britain S. Al Hajri J. Spiller #28 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
11th. 1984 WRC Rally of Great Britain R. Clark I. Grindrod #31 [UNKNOWN] 10:18:32
11th. 1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Barth R. Kußmaul #23 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
21st. 1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo C. Gardavot . UNKNOWN #40 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
9th. 1982 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Ballet C. Tilber #16 [UNKNOWN] 9:09:00

Porsche 911 Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1985 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo C. Spiliotis . UNKNOWN #32 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Acropolis Rally S. Al Hajri J. Spiller #18 [UNKNOWN] SS24 gearbox
Ret. 1984 WRC Tour de Corse J. Ballet . UNKNOWN #21 [UNKNOWN] SS99 gearbox
Ret. 1984 WRC Tour de Corse C. Gardavot . UNKNOWN #24 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Ballet . UNKNOWN #25 [UNKNOWN] SS99 oil pipe
Ret. 1982 WRC Tour de Corse J. Ballet C. Tilber #18 [UNKNOWN] SS9 gearbox