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Toyota Celica (A60) General Information

While this is an A60-generation, in difference to the A40/RA40 Celica before RA60 here hints to the more basic 2000XT equipment level and RA63 to the 2000GT version, so in the following text we refer to this car as the RA63:

The RA63 was again a very new and different shell to previous Celicas: a squarer, straighter design than any Celica before with angled front grill/lights, a near vertical rear window and in contrast to the previous RA40 version a return to a huge C-pillar.

It is rather surprising that this car was still homologated into group4. In fact the car was homologated into group4 after the introduction of groupB! This however may be explained as the car was never meant to have a long career. The RA63 was again a very new and different shell to previous Celicas and therefore this car was more a fact finding exercise by TTE for their groupB project, which was to be this RA63 shell with a new turbo engine - and confusingly called the TA64, even though bar the engine TA64 and RA63 are actually identical cars! So this group4 car looked very much like the later Celica TCT, but with internals basically identical to the older RA40 version. In the end the group4 RA63 only competed for about half a season.

But the Celica RA63 managed a huge sensation, or a curiosity, whatever way you look at it. So far there was an argument between Ove Andersson and Toyota Japan if the Corolla or the Celica was the desired base to a rally car. So far in fact the Celica had never ever won a WRC event and with the RA63 using the same internals as previous Celicas, this was unlikely to change now - Far from it!!!! This Celica RA63 group4 gave Toyota the first Celica win ever and the first WRC event win since 8 years - not only that, it did so on its debut event, and to put one even on top of that, it was a 1-2! Sure, in NZ 1982 the entry may not have been very strong and all Audis and all bar one Nissans retired. However you have to acknowledge that the Celica RA63 ran fault free throughout on its debut and beat Timo Salonen's Nissan Silvia 240RS and Walter Röhrl's Opel Ascona 400 - both cars with 2.4 litre engines as opposed to Toyota's 2.0 - fair and square! (That said, there was an argument that the engine was slightly moved back for better weight distribution, OK for groupB but in group4 clearly illegal.) Not bad for a car that was only meant to be a short lived experimental project! You may find reasons to play down successful debuts for the Lancia Delta S4 and the MG Metro 6R4, but it is much harder to do so in the case of the Celica RA63 - even Toyota themselves could not find an explanation why their old, unsuccessful technology suddenly turned a winner.

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Toyota Celica (A60) Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Toyota Celica (A60) (RA63) 2000GT 16v (82-82) 245/9000 250/5500 4435.1665.1310 1000 (4.1) RWD (2500)

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Toyota Celica (A60) Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
1st. 1982 WRC Rally New Zealand B. Waldegaard H. Thorszelius #4 [UNKNOWN] 10:28:08
2nd. 1982 WRC Rally New Zealand P. Eklund R. Spjuth #7 [UNKNOWN] 10:31:21
2nd. 1982 WRC Bandama Rallye P. Eklund R. Spjuth #6 [UNKNOWN] 10:17:00
3rd. 1982 WRC Bandama Rallye B. Waldegaard H. Thorszelius #3 [UNKNOWN] 11:10:00
7th. 1982 WRC Rally of Great Britain B. Waldegaard R. Spjuth #8 [UNKNOWN] 8:16:29
9th. 1982 WRC Rally of Great Britain P. Eklund D. Whittock #14 [UNKNOWN] 8:21:42

Toyota Celica (A60) Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1984 WRC Bandama Rallye M. Molinie M. Molinie #15 [UNKNOWN] SS46 ?
Ret. 1983 WRC Bandama Rallye J. Durieu P. Tastet #9 [UNKNOWN] SS19 rear axle
Ret. 1983 WRC Tour de Corse K. Fritzinger . UNKNOWN #62 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?