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This car sounds like a piss take and that's probably what it was as well. If you remember that Peugeot was heading into a new era in groupB 1984 with their 205 T16 and that 205 T16 turned a massive success immediately, the dominant car of the groupB era, it is strange to think that the 205 T16 was neither the only, nor the first groupB rally car for Peugeot! And to make it appear even more strange, this other new car for Peugeot was a car generally out of production and a Pick Up as well! It was on customer request to have the 504 back in competition for rough rallies and Peugeot acted accordingly. The 504 saloon has been carried over into the new homologation classes for Argentinian customers, the car being produced in Peugeot's Argentinian factory for many years to come. But for African customers Peugeot curiously decided to homologate a new car. For Africa Peugeot has the 504 in production until today (in Nigeria until 2008, in Kenya 504 until 2004)! However the East African importer Marshalls of Nairobi wanted to use this opportunity to promote a work horse, which left the choice between Break (estate) and Pick Up. Other than the saloon these were produced in smaller annual numbers, however enough for groupB homologation. Since the choice for a new car into groupB was between the 504 Break (that actually did compete in the Dakar Raid, no homologation needed. And how funny is that: in the tough non-WRC Bandama Rallye 1975 a local guy started with a 504 estate taxi and finished 13th!) and the 504 Pick Up, you can easily see that the lighter Pick Up made more sense. It is a strange sight, having a 2-seater cabin and the (2.5 metres long) open loading area, but it was lighter even than the saloon. Technically the changes to the saloon have however been minor.

At least two journalists that I adore most, Martin Holmes and Reinhard Klein, report that the reason for groupB homologation of the 504 Pick Up was that interior size contradicted to the groupA touring car base rules. This is correct (and strange rule, see groupA Alfa GTV6). But it isn't the full reason. In the Rally Argentina of the mid 1980s we also regularly find a locally assembled version called 504 TN. This was a 2.0 saloon but with carburettor instead of injection and less standard equipment than the well known 504 TI. And such 504 saloon certainly is not moved into groupB for it's interior size is too small for groupA!

But here we are talking of a newly homologated Pick Up, and in this case clearly more to the point is that this was another Peugeot rally car for Africa and Peugeot East Africa (Marshalls of Nairobi) wanted to promote a work horse. That's why it was decided to rally the Pick Up, as already described. However the 504 Pick Up used here was in a facelifted version with a more modern technical standard in engine and twin dampers rear suspension. And this version was only assembled in Peugeot's Mombasa factory (a factory to which the here named dealer Marshalls even holds shares and carries out management duties for Peugeot headquarters). Though while this was an exciting, big project for Africa's enthusiasts, it seems unlikely production of this Kenyan assembled specialist version 504 reached the 5000 units per annum as demanded by groupA.

There are 2 drivers that mainly jump to mind: Johnny Hellier and David Horsey, although Basil Criticos had an official 504 Pick Up as well in his unusual car line up during his career. The car had been homologated on customer request and the drivers mentioned here even had theirs in full, new Peugeot Talbot Sport works colours! And all these drivers hold a mini record on their own: Johnny Hellier and Basil Criticos became the first drivers ever to compete with a groupB Peugeot at WRC level. Hellier started and finished the Safari 1983 & 1984, and on the 1983 edition he became the first driver to score groupB makes points for Peugeot. David Horsey later competed on the WRC Bandama 1984 with his Pick Up, and here he finished a mind blowing 5th overall. Horsey as well became the African Rally Champion of 1984 with this car. The African Championship always was a strong field for Peugeot, surprise African titles went to Alain Ambrosino in a 505 in 1983 and to Walter Costa in a 205 GTI(!) in 1990. Interestingly, of the 504 Pick Up drivers, while John Hellier was later found in just as unlikely RWD Lancia Rally 037 & Ford Sierra Cosworth in the Safari, David Horsey was starting the 2002 Equator Rally (Kenya's 2nd biggest rally) and guess what car he used!

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Peugeot 504 Pick Up Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Peugeot 504 Pick Up 2.0 (83-84) 170/6500 200/4500 4803.1695.1460 1160 (6.8) RWD (2900)

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Peugeot 504 Pick Up Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
15th. 1984 WRC Safari Rally J. Hellier J. Hope #16 [UNKNOWN] 12:34:00
5th. 1984 WRC Bandama Rallye D. Horsey D. Williamson #11 [UNKNOWN] 13:58:00
8th. 1983 WRC Safari Rally J. Hellier J. Hope #7 [UNKNOWN] 15:07:00

Peugeot 504 Pick Up Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1984 WRC Rally of Finland S. Junnila T. Tuominen #82 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Safari Rally D. Horsey D. Williamson #25 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1983 WRC Safari Rally B. Criticos J. Rose #18 [UNKNOWN] SS75 gearbox