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Don't mistake this car for the Alfetta GTV. Actually Alfetta coupés were called Alfetta GT for Grand Tourisme. But like on the Giulia GT“A”, Alfa wanted to add something on for its top version and out came the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV. Which only helps to the confusion with the Alfa Romeo GTV6, which however only arrived several years later. On the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV the “V” had nothing to do with engine configuration but means Veloce = Italian Fast to identify the 2.0L 4-cylinder from less powerful 1.6L & 1.8L options called Alfetta GT. The Alfa Romeo GTV6 - here indeed referring to Alfa's famous V6 engine - was regarded by Alfa Romeo as an independent model already as a road car, like an upmarket version. I.e. despite its similarities to the Alfetta GTV, the GTV6 is a stand alone identification and does not have Alfetta as part of its name.

One unique technical detail is that like the Alfetta models the GTV6 has a rear mounted gearbox, known as transaxle, which helped superb weight distribution. And to make it even more unique, clutch, flywheel and rear brake discs were all mounted to the gearbox assembly, such swapping propshaft and driveshaft ends.

Also we note that Alfa France insists to us that the 2.5 V6 engine of the GTV6 in groupA form “only” had exactly 218BHP. Some rumours had it occasionally up to 240BHP. 218BHP such is certainly no exaggeration. Maybe the RWD-transaxle balance helped, but it’s stage times indicated the car was certainly not lame in the power department.

May I add here that the Alfa GTV6 is one of the best sounding cars on the road as well as on the rally stages. “Refined” seems a very untypical criteria for exciting car sounds, but even compared to the famous sound sensation, the Ferrari engined Lancia Stratos, the Alfa GTV6 sounds more refined, it can do high revs too, and the end result is something really crisp, throaty, yet strangely esthetic and melodic. Actually read the Alfa Romeo manufacturer story as well on this, as the GTV6 gets quite a large chapter there too, and it deserves it.

During 1986 the GTV6 proved to be one of the most exciting, best sounding and fastest groupA cars. Already in 1983 the Alfa GTV6 looked very promising in some rallies. In Tour de Corse 1985 Alfa France sent a 2-car team that came 5th & 6th, winning groupA an hour(!) ahead of 3rd in groupA! In Tour de Corse 1986 Yves Loubet finished even on the podium overall between the groupB cars!

It really was a beautiful and especially lovely sounding car and its performances suggested when groupA becomes the main category from 1987, the Alfa may be an insider tip for glory.

However strange this may sound, at the end of 1986 the FIA carried out a re-assessment of the GTV6 homologation and found the interior to be too small to comply with groupA regulations. This means in 1987, when in early groupA only days the GTV6 could have been a front runner, it was moved into groupB and subsequently banned from the sport. Kind of strange considering the FIA gave Toyota permission for a Supra turbo that everybody knew had 400BHP, 100BHP over the groupA limit.

This leaves us with sweet memories of one of the most beautiful and most characterful sounding and looking groupA cars – so beautiful and characterful that its podium finishes against groupB cars are only like a bonus – we would have loved her anyway!

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Alfa Romeo GTV6 Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Alfa Romeo GTV6 _ (84-86) 218/7500 240/6000 4260.1664.1330 1100 (5) RWD (2400)

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Alfa Romeo GTV6 Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
3rd. 1986 WRC Tour de Corse Y. Loubet J. Andrié #14 [UNKNOWN] 12:45:59
13th. 1985 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo B. Balas E. Laine #20 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
17th. 1985 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Panciatici F. Sappey #27 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
5th. 1985 WRC Tour de Corse Y. Loubet D. Savignoni #23 [UNKNOWN] 14:03:53
6th. 1985 WRC Tour de Corse B. Balas E. Laine #22 [UNKNOWN] 14:17:53
47th. 1984 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Trintignant . UNKNOWN #40 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
10th. 1984 WRC Tour de Corse Y. Loubet P. Trivero #19 [UNKNOWN] 14:48:11
18th. 1984 WRC Tour de Corse B. Balas E. Laine #20 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
15th. 1983 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo Y. Loubet R. Alemany #29 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
10th. 1983 WRC Rallye San Remo G. Noberasco D. Cianci #22 [UNKNOWN] 9:58:39
17th. 1982 WRC Tour de Corse Y. Loubet R. Alemany #53 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Alfa Romeo GTV6 Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1986 WRC Tour de Corse B. Balas E. Laine #15 [UNKNOWN] SS8 differential
Ret. 1986 WRC Tour de Corse L. Albertini A. Pasquali #51 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Rallye San Remo B. Bentivogli S. Evangelisti #19 [UNKNOWN] SS19 engine
Ret. 1984 WRC Rallye San Remo Y. Loubet . UNKNOWN #26 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1984 WRC Tour de Corse J. Panciatici F. Sappey #18 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo Y. Loubet B. Occelli #23 [UNKNOWN] SS2 crash
Ret. 1984 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo B. Balas E. Laine #29 [UNKNOWN] SS2 injection
Ret. 1984 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo J. Panciatici F. Sappey #36 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1983 WRC Rallye San Remo B. Bentivogli S. Evangelisti #21 [UNKNOWN] SS99 crash
Ret. 1983 WRC Tour de Corse P. Pagani . UNKNOWN #41 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1983 WRC Tour de Corse Y. Loubet R. Alemany #21 [UNKNOWN] SS99 transmission
Ret. 1983 WRC Tour de Corse B. Balas E. Laine #40 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1983 WRC Safari Rally S. Munari I. Street #15 [UNKNOWN] SS23 rotor arm
Ret. 1982 WRC Rallye San Remo B. Bentivogli S. Evangelisti #26 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?