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Audi is a mythos in rallying, but there have been occasions where you could just slap them in the face!
One being their repeated recent claim "We have nothing left to prove in rallying since the 1980s." - Remember, the group4/B Quattro struggled to get reliable and handle alright and once it did it was dominated by the Peugeot 205 T16. And in the first groupA year they were proving so competitive that they quietly quit mid season. "Nothing left to prove" is a very cheap and false excuse for not wishing to identify themselves with rallying any longer.
The other slap in the face they deserve for missing the opportunity to indeed leave rallying with "Nothing left to prove"! But in order:

The Audi Coupé S2 was the later, rounder Coupé. I personally liked the sharp, straight lines of the "Ur-Coupé" much better. But that is not the question here. For Audi fans "rounder Coupé" here means based on the Audi "B3 Typ89" (see Audi 90 story), but already with the "B4" front grill. The Coupé S2 came in 1993...
Actually the B3 Coupé S2 came already in 1989, but it was never homologated into groups A & N before 1993. This might be because for the 1993 model year the S2 road version received an updated ECU, pushing power from 220 to 230BHP and more importantly torque from 309NM to 380NM in the now added overboost function. And also important for groupN rallying, from 1993 the S2 had a 6-speed gearbox. Strangely, while the saloon sister Audi 90 (never available with a turbo, see the according gA story) had the engine enlarged to 2309cc, the powerful, turbocharged S2 kept the original 2226cc. Though 1993 still fits into the groupA era. So we look at that:

When the groupA became the top category in 1987, Audi had a superb groupA budget car for amateur and privateer drivers, the technically identical Audi Coupé Quattro and Audi 80 Quattro. But both of these had no turbo and such they would only push barely 200BHP in groupA trim. Well nice proof to what I keep saying in modern S2000 concept discussions, nothing can beat a turbo for torque. It was the N°1 discussion between fans at the time, why for the all new groupA season 1987 Audi choose the 200. Sure for size and weight the 200 had a massive great big disadvantage against 80, 90 & Coupé models, but in back to back tests the 200 still was always faster for its turbo engine.

When in 1988 the new, roundy Audi 90 (B3, very much already in the A4 shape) came, privateers like Paola de Martini or Rudi Stohl couldn't leave their fingers off these cars, even though this 90 Quattro still lacked the turbo engine and still had less than 200BHP! But the car was a mythos, Audi was a mythos, they were simple, affordable and fairly reliable 4x4 cars with that unforgettable 5-cylinder bark.

What Audi needed all along was a 5-cylinder turbo engine in the smaller 90 or Coupé models. And the Audi Coupé S2 was exactly that! Hello, wake up, this is the perfect car you were looking for only a few years ago! If Audi didn't realise, private tuner Konrad Schmidt did. He prepared an Audi Coupé S2 Quattro and came to an agreement with Sepp Haider, but he never got works backing by Audi.

What happened then was absolutely stunning. The car debuted in Sweden 1993, Haider very much a novice at this specialised event, still, that brand sparkling new developped private car with the national driver finished 7th overall! More amazing even was Australia 1993: Works entries included Lancia with Sainz, Ford with Delecour & Biasion, Subaru with McRae, Vatanen & Bourne and Toyota with Kankkunen & Auriol - 8 full works entries. In all this, Haider in the Audi S2 regularly posts 4th and 5th quickest stage times and he finishes the event in 5th place, ahead of Colin McRae's Subaru!!!!

Remember this is a privately developped and privately run car and Haider, although a front runner in Austrian and German championship rallies, hardly the calibre of a McRae, Sainz or Vatanen at the time. For a more modern reference: With 8 full works cars in Australia 1993, that is about as many full works cars as we have in 2004. Imagine somebody like Grifone to built, say a Volvo S60 T5-R without any works references, put a decent national driver yet without much WRC background into it, i.e. Jonny Milner if you wish, and have him coming 5th in WRC events in 2004, 2005. (I could update that scenario, but difficult to find examples in modern WRCar times and I like that Milner example, as he actually drove an S2 in groupN.) That would be an absolute sensation, wouldn't it? And exactly as sensational was the private Audi S2 show in 1993!

I am absolutely convinced: This Audi Coupé S2 Quattro, 5-cylinder turbo, with works support and WRC star drivers - This Audi would have very much been a Rallye World Championship winning car between 1994 and 1996!!!!

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Model & Evo. (Activity)
Audi Coupé S2 Quattro (93-96) 300/4300 570/3800 4401.1716.1375 1303 (4.3) 4x4 (2548)

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Audi Coupé S2 Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
8th. 1997 WRC Safari Rally R. Stohl J. Bertl #15 [UNKNOWN] 15:48:17
17th. 1996 WRC Rallye Catalunya M. Stohl P. Müller #32 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
41st. 1995 WRC Rally of Great Britain R. Stohl J. Bertl #31 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
7th. 1994 WRC Rallye de Portugal R. Sperrer E. Loidl #36 [UNKNOWN] 7:11:49
6th. 1994 WRC Safari Rally R. Stohl J. Bertl #11 [UNKNOWN] 26:30:00
7th. 1994 WRC Rally Argentina R. Stohl P. Diekmann #8 [UNKNOWN] 6:47:38
7th. 1993 WRC Swedish Rally S. Haider K. Wendel #12 [UNKNOWN] 5:05:46
8th. 1993 WRC Safari Rally R. Stohl P. Diekmann #11 [UNKNOWN] 9:14:00
7th. 1993 WRC Rally Argentina R. Stohl P. Diekmann #9 [UNKNOWN] 6:21:53
12th. 1993 WRC Rally Argentina M. Stohl K. Gerlach #12 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
17th. 1993 WRC Rally of Finland E. Saarenpää L. Hirvijärvi #15 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
5th. 1993 WRC Rally Australia (WA) S. Haider K. Wendel #12 [UNKNOWN] 5:49:08

Audi Coupé S2 Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1998 WRC Safari Rally R. Stohl J. Bertl #20 [UNKNOWN] SS13 suspension
Ret. 1997 WRC Rally of Finland E. Saarenpää . UNKNOWN #37 [UNKNOWN] SS4 electrics
Ret. 1996 WRC Rally of Finland E. Saarenpää . UNKNOWN #24 [UNKNOWN] SS3 electrics
Ret. 1996 WRC Acropolis Rally R. Stohl K. Gerlach #15 [UNKNOWN] SS5 ?
Ret. 1996 WRC Safari Rally R. Stohl J. Bertl #12 [UNKNOWN] SS13 suspension
Ret. 1996 WRC Safari Rally M. Stohl K. Gerlach #17 [UNKNOWN] SS8 electrics
Ret. 1995 WRC Rally of Great Britain M. Stohl R. Kaufmann #45 [UNKNOWN] SS9 crash
Ret. 1994 WRC Rally of Finland E. Saarenpää L. Hirvijärvi #27 [UNKNOWN] SS28 sump
Ret. 1994 WRC Acropolis Rally . "Iavaris" . UNKNOWN #31 [UNKNOWN] SS16 steering
Ret. 1994 WRC Acropolis Rally . "Tchine" P. Dupuy #22 [UNKNOWN] SS19 ?
Ret. 1994 WRC Acropolis Rally M. Stohl P. Diekmann #23 [UNKNOWN] SS6 ?
Ret. 1993 WRC Rally New Zealand S. Haider K. Wendel #15 [UNKNOWN] SS17 gear linkage
Ret. 1993 WRC Acropolis Rally R. Stohl P. Diekmann #19 [UNKNOWN] SS1 engine