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Funny to think that Daihatsu’s only ever adventure in rallying was actually with a 4x4 turbo car! However the car was created in the first place to find a gap in the Japanese tax laws, giving advantage to cars with less than 660cc. This in turn led to funny little turbo or super charged things in Japan, including the Subaru Vivio and the Nissan March. However the Charade is quite big for a 660cc "kei car" and Daihatsu themselves regarded it as a posh sister to the 660cc Cuore, which is why in many versions the Daihatsu Charade actually had the engine capacity increased beyond that. This however didn't change the fact that this car was desperately short in power and short altogether compared to the "classic" meaning of 4x4 turbo cars. Daihatsu never made a serious effort beyond the Safari Rally and also some British adventures with Terry Kaby.

Talking of Terry Kaby, especially he did compete in a very interesting version of this car. The GTTI was the FWD version of the GTXX. Sounds like a step back. But seing that in groupA power only increased from a standard 101BHP to 115BHP, the 145kg extra weight for the 4x4 should not be underestimated. As well looking at the only mild power increase over the road version, Kaby competed in a groupN version of this car rather than groupA! And to put even one on top, the tiny 986cc times the new turbo factor of 70% (x1.7) makes this a 1626cc engine. Unfortunate for the N3 category = showroom 1601-2000cc it seems first sight. But compared to all these 2000cc 16v cars the little turbo charged Daihatsu is a potential class record holder for low weight and big torque! So note G880 PKK is groupN!

Interestingly, as rare and unqualified as a car maker Daihatsu may seem, the engine must have been very, very good for its days. Although bored up to 998cc and missing the turbo charger, the engines found in Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 & Peugeot 107 today are based on this old Daihatsu unit. Peugeot didn't seem too happy as they created their very own 998cc 3-cylinder engine in time for the 208 launch, but a 25 years production life is some going and not what you would have expected from a Daihatsu 3-cylinder engine.

We really have to take the G880 PKK car aside as something special. It is interesting that Daihatsu created two very different versions of this car for rallying. The more official one was the groupA 4x4 = GTXX mainly entered at Safari rallies. Of the GTTI only one was ever made, it was groupN and FWD, only competed in the BRC, but the program stretched to two starts at the RAC Rally with surprising, class winning results. While I didn't create an extra groupN file for a car that had only two WRC starts and never finishing higher than 18th overall, the fact that this was a class win and with an unusual dark 3-cylinder turbo sound, the car was driven by Terry Kaby and prepared by Andy Dawson, makes this very rare car too interesting to ignore completely. In fact the gN GTTI was more interesting than the gA GTXX, but the more official and more frequent starts were with the GTXX.

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Daihatsu Charade Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Daihatsu Charade GTTI (89-55) 101/6500 130/3500 3610.1600.1385 790 (6.9) FWD (2340)
Daihatsu Charade GTXX (91-55) 115/6500 144/3500 3610.1600.1385 935 (8.1) 4x4 (2340)

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Daihatsu Charade Results

This is an unofficial Car Results list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
25th. 1995 WRC Rally Australia (WA) R. Nicoli . UNKNOWN #48 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
5th. 1993 WRC Safari Rally G. Jack D. Page-Morris #19 [UNKNOWN] 7:44:00
6th. 1993 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni Z. Mogul #22 [UNKNOWN] 8:33:00
7th. 1993 WRC Safari Rally M. Brighetti A. Sidi #12 [UNKNOWN] 8:57:00
9th. 1991 WRC Safari Rally G. Jack D. Page-Morris #43 [UNKNOWN] 9:57:34
11th. 1991 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni . UNKNOWN #39 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
10th. 1991 WRC Safari Rally S. Anthony P. Valentine #24 [UNKNOWN] 10:22:20
10th. 1990 WRC Safari Rally S. Anthony P. Valentine #31 [UNKNOWN] 30:49:30
9th. 1990 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni A. Khan #62 [UNKNOWN] 28:54:51
18th. 1990 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Kaby K. Gormley #53 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
32nd. 1989 WRC Rally of Great Britain T. Kaby K. Gormley #57 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
16th. 1987 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni Z. Mogul #43 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
16th. 1986 WRC Safari Rally A. Anwar . UNKNOWN #26 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
31st. 1986 WRC Rally of Finland K. Mäkelä . UNKNOWN #52 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
14th. 1985 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni Z. Mogul #35 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
34th. 1985 WRC Rally New Zealand G. McIntyre D. Roderick #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
24th. 1984 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni Z. Mogul #32 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Daihatsu Charade Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 1996 WRC Rally Australia (WA) R. Nicoli . UNKNOWN #48 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1990 WRC Rally New Zealand R. Nicoli . UNKNOWN #40 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1990 WRC Safari Rally G. Jack . UNKNOWN #50 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1989 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni . UNKNOWN #31 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1988 WRC Safari Rally A. Pattni Z. Mogul #37 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1988 WRC Safari Rally S. Rai S. Soin #26 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1987 WRC Safari Rally A. Anwar . UNKNOWN #23 [UNKNOWN] SS99 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Rally of Finland K. Mäkelä P. Tuomala #77 [UNKNOWN] SS24 ?
Ret. 1984 WRC Safari Rally I. Duncan I. Munro #31 [UNKNOWN] SS99 engine
Ret. 1983 WRC Rally of Finland K. Mäkelä P. Tuomala #77 [UNKNOWN] SS17 ?