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BMC are back!!!! Or MG or Rover or Austin or whatever name. Sounds confusing, but it is all one brand and in history we are talking Mini, Minor, Healey, 1800, TR7... and read the manufacturer story for more, it is too many cars to list. Maybe the mess with brand names was also the problem. BMC = British Motor Corporation was home to so many brands, and they were all governed together, all count as one brand in contrast to Lancia & Fiat or to Peugeot & Citroën, but comparable i.e. to Peugeot & Talbot or to Vauxhall & Opel.

Anyway, who could ever forget the massive history of the Mini? Then the group was more into marathons with Austin 1800 or Triumph 2.5 PI, but in the 1980s we still had the Triumph TR7 V8 and the groupB MG Metro 6R4! Only then things were finished. Likely finished for good. Never mind how lovely the road cars were, too many brands, too much bureaucracy, maybe a few other reasons, the then called Austin Rover Group went under BMW ownership who failed in their targets, then became again independent as MG Rover, things have not improved and following the BMW legacy chances were like 50/50 to survive as a private entity.

Brave attempt then to come out with a new rally car as soon as they were independent again. Shows where their heart was beating all the time. A new rally car after one and a half decades since they stopped writing rally history. And a rally history that is only challenged by Peugeot and Ford. A rally heritage dating back so far with so many different models, even Lancia or Subaru are pale in comparison. So the MG Rover return is a great big sensation, may it even be only in S1600/JWRC rallying.

All was a new start. Gone is i.e. the red with white roof colour scheme so synonymous for Healeys and Minis, but the new colours were as stunning and different as the sole existence of the project should be: black with flourescent green stripes and logo.

Interestingly in the S1600 version MG Rover called the car the ZR S1600, not out of boredom like many others, because it was close to its road version name, the ZR 160 - although here 160 meaning the BHP, not the cc.

The MG ZR is the sporty version of the Rover 25. The MG brand once again used as i.e. Fiat does today with Abarth, the sporty Fiat Punto being the Abarth Punto. A lovely, underrated car that Rover 25/MG ZR, definitely up with Volkswagen Golf or Vauxhall Astra if only brand name confusion and take over mess would not have all but eaten up their image. In fact, comparing the MG ZR with Golf & Astra, the MG ZR is the biggest S1600 car ever homologated. Despite this being a project for the JuniorWRC, MG Rover choose one of Britain's really experienced stars in Gwyndaf Evans. Gwyndaf would have rather been a candidate for a SeniorWRC.

Shame the car never showed the results it would have deserved after all this heritage blah. Well, Gwyndaf was the sole MG entry in the JWRC against an army of Fiat Punto or Ford Puma. But also don't forget the company has just been spit out by BMW because they didn't know how to handle MG Rover to get them to make profit. So this task was surely not easier when back into independent, private hands. Sadly some 3years later the conveyor belts in the MG Rover factories were stopped for good. Actually the story should take a positive twist: Some years further on a Chinese consortium tries to revive MG Rover and starts an S2000 project on the very same base car as this old S1600 is! Still, for the MG ZR S1600 this was a very sad, premature death.

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MG Rover ZR Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
MG Rover ZR S1600 (02-04) 215/8450 190/7800 3990.1688.1417 950 (4.4) FWD (2500)

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MG Rover ZR Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
26th. 2002 WRC Rallye San Remo G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

MG Rover ZR Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2004 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo N. Barratt C. Williamson #41 [UNKNOWN] SS3 ?
Ret. 2002 WRC Rally of Great Britain G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] SS15 suspension
Ret. 2002 WRC Rally of Great Britain M. Blundell B. McKenzie #130 [UNKNOWN] SS5 ?
Ret. 2002 WRC Rallye Deutschland G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] SS1 engine
Ret. 2002 WRC Acropolis Rally G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] SS7 engine
Ret. 2002 WRC Rallye Catalunya G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] SS11 crash
Ret. 2002 WRC Rallye Monte Carlo G. Evans C. Patterson #61 [UNKNOWN] SS3 crash