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Peugeot's tradition dictates them to offer a rally car for amateurs and potential big talents that have to watch their money. Not without reason Peugeot runs the most successful one-makes-series since decades. Although the 206 RC is not the Peugeot Cup base car. The big issue is that Peugeot is one of the manufacturers believing S1600 kit cars are too expensive in purchase and running for too little reward. Even when Peugeot launched a 206 XS S1600 car in 2001, not many of them have been made and the car never saw much development. This is an observation that in later years turned into a trend, if you note the sudden appearance of 2000cc groupN cars by MG, Renault and Ford too.

Maybe at first Peugeot, despite their 205 GTI legend, never had the right competition base engine for the 206. The 206 XS was a 1.6 16v (and formed the base to their S1600 as well as their Cup car), the 206 S16 had a 2.0 16v engine, but only with 136BHP. Peugeot addressed this quite late in their 206 range. Only in 2003 arrived the 206 RC. The RC tag shows a purposeful resemblence to rallying (WRC). To create the car old Talbot Sunbeam partner Lotus was asked to have a look at the 136BHP 206 S16 cylinder head and they came out with 177BHP. The car also was exclusively assembled at Peugeot's UK factory in Coventry (although on the UK market Peugeot decided against the lovely, unique tag and called the car the 206 GTI 180).

Talking my personal opinion, you may be surprised that even me as a Peugeot fan did not appreciate this car. A 2.0 normally aspirated engine tweaked like that would always be a high revving screamer, bad for fuel consumption and reliability and lack torque. Curiously Peugeot themselves did not seem to be too happy with this solution and therefore today has a very different problem. When the 206 was replaced by obviously the 207, all sporty engines were turned to turbos. The new 207 RC even features a 1.6 16v bi-turbo. In power output this car is similar to the 206 RC, 2BHP down at 175BHP to be exact, but has much more torque and is more efficient in about every single aspect. Crazy this is because Peugeot is seriously interested to turn the 207 into a rally car for the new R2 & R3 classes, but they can't do that because the FIA does not allow turbos into these classes (at the time), when clearly petrol turbo is the new fashion, not only in the 207! This means the 206 RC may remain Peugeot's budget amateur rallye weapon for quite some time, never mind the road market has already welcomed its successor.

Still, Peugeot's target with the 206 RC groupN car is quite interesting. Other than Ford's gN Fiesta the 206 RC is not meant to be a regular sight at WRC level. Other than MG's groupN ZR the 206 RC was never intended to be occasionally driven by a big name. But Peugeot believed a modern car with Peugeot's traditional good handling in the right events could challenge the big 4x4 groupN cars. The big groupN is a bit boring, being basically a Mitsubishi vs Subaru one-(two)-makes-series. But compared to these 4x4 cars the 206 RC would be very light, combined with Peugeot's reknown nippy, responsive hot-hatch handling. As a result the car is mainly seen in the asphalt based French Rally Championship. Fair enough, here it has competition by Renault's similar idea with the Clio Ragnotti, but it actually did turn a groupN outright winner on several occasions! It is a funny David vs Goliath game that happens in France with these cars. Sure on rough WRC rallies the scenario would look different, but this is a question of concept - or if for budget and variety a certain concept should be banned. Fact is in France the 206 RC regularly bullies the much more expensive and much heavier 4x4 cars to such extent that you may wonder how good these Mitsubishis and Subarus really are if only they had competition. Predictably for all this the 206 RC gN remains a rare sight at WRC level. Still, one example we have: Now an IRC star, back in 2005 Enrique Garcia was an unknown name with little international experience. How funny he took his Peugeot 206 RC to WRC Rally Deutschland and finished 3rd outright in groupN!

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Sadly the 206 RC remained such a rare sight, that looking at many old cars I never listed, today I wouldn't actually bother including the 206 RC groupN into this database. Strange maybe that so far Peugeot kept using a gN+ version 206 XS 1.6 rather than this gN 206 RC as the base car to the Peugeot Rallye Cup - though the Cup will actually use 207 RC Turbos from 2009!
However the main problem of the car seems indeed the unwillingness of the FIA to allow turbos into the R-classes. Well, soon after the 206 RC gN was finished, Peugeot Sport built on that to create a 207 RC turbo for groupN and R3. These 207 turbos are far more promising than the 206 RC, yet the 207 versions are ready, yet still waiting where they can run. The situation is a little crazy, while waiting Peugeot has meanwhile created an R3 rally version of this 206 RC, never mind the 206 is out of production! Still, while Peugeot is just playing around, one main point stands: Just as Ford Fiesta Mk6, Renault Clio & MG ZR, the 206 is yet another car where the 2000cc groupN version is close in performance to the same model's S1600 version, only for a fraction of the price.

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Model & Evo. (Activity)
Peugeot 206 RC (05-22) 177/7000 202/4750 3835.1673.1428 1125 (6.4) FWD (2442)

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Peugeot 206 Results

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
22nd. 2010 IRC Rally Argentina R. Tulio C. Valandro #65 [UNKNOWN] 3:10:15.9
13th. 2010 IRC Rallye Acores R. Tulio C. Valandro #26 [UNKNOWN] 2:59:41.7
9th. 2009 IRC Rallye do Brazil Curitiba R. Tulio C. Valandro #30 [UNKNOWN] 2:27:9.7
39th. 2007 WRC Rally Argentina M. Machinea . UNKNOWN #92 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
25th. 2007 IRC Rallye du Valais L. Reuche . UNKNOWN #48 [UNKNOWN] 3:08:50.3
26th. 2005 WRC Rallye Deutschland E. Ojeda J. Barrabes #80 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
26th. 2005 WRC Tour de Corse P. Natali D. Savignoni #83 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
27th. 2005 WRC Tour de Corse F. Cappuccio G. Dini #79 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Peugeot 206 Retirements

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Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2009 IRC Rally Russia V. Mikhailov S. Sustitskiy #25 [UNKNOWN] SS4 crash
Ret. 2009 IRC Rally Russia V. Mikhailov S. Sustitskiy #25 [UNKNOWN] SS6 crash
Ret. 2007 WRC Tour de Corse S. Ogier J. Ingrassia #0 [UNKNOWN] SS0 course opening car only
Ret. 2005 WRC Tour de Corse G. Fiori J. Ferrero #82 [UNKNOWN] SS3 crash