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Citroën C2 General Information

We talk more of R-classes here than of this model, but the Citroën C2 was the first proper R-car. So please look at the C2 S1600 for more information of the C2 as a car model.

The FIA did a very good and interesting thing in announcing the R-classes. R1 is very much the same as groupN up to 1400cc. The most interesting R-classes therefore should be R2 & R3, up to 1600cc or up to 2000cc, both being groupA budget, a bit like groupN+ with a lot of freedom, but nothing kit car. Nice, the classes should be within a controllable budget and show the strengths and weaknesses of the road products more than the never ending possibilities kit car classes.

Actually the R-classes are quite complicated at first sight. They have names like R2a, R2b, R3b, R3c, R3d. R1 is basically road car. R3 has a higher grade of tune than R2. It is the small letters behind that identify the engine cc with b being up to 1600cc, c being up to 2000cc, d being diesel turbo 2000cc and newer is R2T which is 1000cc turbo and R3T being 1600cc turbo. For top cc classes however the typical R2 car would be 1600cc and the typical R3 car would be 2000cc (or 1600 turbo). Anyway, once the R-classes were launched, the first R-class car ever was an R2 car and it was this Citroën!

R-classes with things as R2b or R3c or R3T seem a mess, but in its basics it is quite clever. Alongside touring car races rallying has at least some road car relation. R stands for Rally and then in the WTCC we have Touring car classes as T3, T5, etc, which are touring car equivalents to R5 etc rally cars. For example from 2014 several Citroën rally cars use the same engine as Citroën's WTCC winning C-Elysée.

Note as well, despite this first R2 car being launched in 2007, the R-classes only really caught on in 2011 or even 2013. The first real use of R-classes where the R4 cars, which were basically developed from existing group N4 cars, but R4 was not a promising class. The most promising R-class was R5, which however took more time still to identify. The first R5 cars we saw in public were course opening cars in Ypres 2013 and this somehow was as well when the other R-classes became famous.

Citroën is often quick, but here they have been quick in a different way. The Citroën C2 R2 has technically little in common with the C2 Kit Car for the S1600 category, but it was the first car developed to the new R-classes and showed instant promise.

In 2007 even Simon Jean-Joseph for his full IRC program sometimes swapped his C2 Kit Car for this less powerful but still fast and fun C2 R2.

From the start of the 2008 season the car changes name to C2 R2 Max. While the C2 R2 Max is an Evo-update to the R2, it is an easy update and all C2 R2s you see from 2008 onwards will be "Maxs", so we don't really bother with a data file for the R2. Read more in the evo file of this car.

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Citroën C2 Evolutions

Model & Evo. (Activity)
Citroën C2 R2 Max (06-22) 192/7750 175/5500 3666.1659.1474 1000 (5.4) FWD (2315)

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Citroën C2 Results

This is an unofficial Car Results list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego hh:mm:ss
59th. 2017 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #90 [UNKNOWN] 2:55:20.3
49th. 2016 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #83 [UNKNOWN] 2:45:26.2
27th. 2015 IRC Circuit of Ireland E. Stratieva Y. Nyirfas #54 [UNKNOWN] 2:35:25.7
28th. 2014 IRC Jänner Rallye E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #50 [UNKNOWN] 3:14:50.6
12th. 2014 IRC Rally Liepaja R. Immonen M. Lukka #34 [UNKNOWN] 2:22:7.3
19th. 2014 IRC Rallye Acores R. Immonen . UNKNOWN #32 [UNKNOWN] 3:04:35.3
16th. 2014 IRC Rallye Acores D. Gago J. Carvalho #45 [UNKNOWN] 3:02:3.7
24th. 2014 IRC Rallye Acores E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #29 [UNKNOWN] 3:24:2.6
43rd. 2014 IRC Ypres Rally E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #90 [UNKNOWN] 3:30:47.8
42nd. 2014 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #86 [UNKNOWN] 2:51:27.6
15th. 2013 IRC Rally Liepaja R. Immonen M. Lukka #31 [UNKNOWN] 2:19:48.4
17th. 2013 IRC Rally Islas Canarias E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #30 [UNKNOWN] 2:58:7.1
21st. 2013 IRC Tour de Corse E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #48 [UNKNOWN] 3:12:13.1
37th. 2013 IRC Ypres Rally E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #68 [UNKNOWN] 3:08:50.2
30th. 2013 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #78 [UNKNOWN] 2:41:59.2
33rd. 2013 IRC Rally Poland E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #68 [UNKNOWN] 3:14:50.9
27th. 2013 IRC Croatia Rally E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #52 [UNKNOWN] 2:46:14.8
40th. 2013 IRC Rallye du Valais E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #38 [UNKNOWN] 3:47:53.9
20th. 2012 IRC Rally Islas Canarias E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #30 [UNKNOWN] 2:53:35.6
14th. 2012 IRC Rallye Targa Florio A. Nucita . UNKNOWN #11 [UNKNOWN] 1:09:59.8
41st. 2012 IRC Ypres Rally E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #64 [UNKNOWN] 3:06:13
22nd. 2012 WRC Rally of Finland J. Lindroos . UNKNOWN #98 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
9th. 2012 IRC Rally Romania V. Cosma F. Dorca #27 [UNKNOWN] 2:36:22.3
5th. 2012 IRC Prime Yalta Rally V. Cosma F. Dorca #28 [UNKNOWN] 3:19:50.2
8th. 2012 IRC Prime Yalta Rally E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #34 [UNKNOWN] 3:25:40.1
10th. 2012 IRC Rally Bulgaria E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #22 [UNKNOWN] 2:02:24.2
17th. 2011 IRC Prime Yalta Rally E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #51 [UNKNOWN] 3:27:50.9
70th. 2011 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #113 [UNKNOWN] 2:50:46.4
32nd. 2011 WRC Rally of Finland E. Lappi J. Ferm #71 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
42nd. 2009 WRC Rally of Great Britain S. Pärn K. Järveoja #90 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
12th. 2008 IRC Rallye de Portugal S. Jean-Joseph J. Boyère #2 [UNKNOWN] 3:10:12.1
8th. 2008 IRC Rally Russia S. Jean-Joseph J. Boyère #1 [UNKNOWN] 2:25:9.3
27th. 2008 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
40th. 2008 WRC Rally of Finland H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
35th. 2008 WRC Rally of Finland S. Ogier J. Ingrassia #70 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
37th. 2008 WRC Tour de Corse H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00
11th. 2007 IRC Rally Russia S. Jean-Joseph J. Boyère #5 [UNKNOWN] 1:26:29.3
29th. 2007 WRC Rally Sardinia Italy B. Bouffier M. Baumel #44 [UNKNOWN] 0:00:00

Citroën C2 Retirements

This is an unofficial Car Model Retirements list and may be incomplete.

Pos Event Driver Co-Driver # Rego Reason
Ret. 2017 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #90 [UNKNOWN] SS5 brakes
Ret. 2015 IRC Rallye du Valais E. Stratieva Y. Nyirfas #20 [UNKNOWN] SS8 ?
Ret. 2015 IRC Ypres Rally E. Stratieva Y. Nyirfas #50 [UNKNOWN] SS3 ?
Ret. 2013 IRC Rally Poland R. Immonen M. Lukka #61 [UNKNOWN] SS6 ?
Ret. 2013 IRC Rally Romania E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #35 [UNKNOWN] SS2 crash
Ret. 2013 IRC Rallye Acores E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #36 [UNKNOWN] SS18 crash
Ret. 2013 IRC Rallye Acores D. Gago J. Carvalho #37 [UNKNOWN] SS19 crash
Ret. 2012 IRC Barum Rally Zlin E. Stratieva C. Poenaro #100 [UNKNOWN] SS5 gearbox
Ret. 2012 WRC Rallye Deutschland E. Lappi J. Ferm #60 [UNKNOWN] SS9 ?
Ret. 2012 WRC Rallye Deutschland E. Lappi J. Ferm #60 [UNKNOWN] SS14 ?
Ret. 2011 IRC Rallye Acores R. Rodrigues E. Rodrigues #26 [UNKNOWN] SS10 ?
Ret. 2010 WRC Rally Bulgaria E. Stratieva . UNKNOWN #53 [UNKNOWN] SS66 disqualified - reason unknown
Ret. 2009 WRC Rallye Catalunya T. Neuville N. Klinger #104 [UNKNOWN] SS15 mechanical
Ret. 2008 WRC Rallye Catalunya H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] SS14 crash
Ret. 2008 WRC Rallye Deutschland H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] SS10 ?
Ret. 2008 WRC Rallye Deutschland H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] SS16 driveshaft
Ret. 2008 WRC Rally of Jordan H. Weijs H. van Goor #44 [UNKNOWN] SS22 suspension
Ret. 2007 WRC Tour de Corse P. Campana . UNKNOWN #101 [UNKNOWN] SS16 crash